Monday, 8 June 2015

Just some random travel tips!

  • Banking: Visit your bank with a parent and ask for them to have permission to talk to the bank - This is because despite being re-assured several times, and told they have the sufficient tech in place to prevent it, I was still blocked out of card two times: ( &&
  • Always take some USD with you in case of emergency - this is because if really desperate (as I was above when my card wouldn't let me withdraw!) a lot of places will (reluctantly of course) let you pay with it.  
  • Bring an old phone, not a modern iPhone for example - the old Nokia's battery life is far longer, more weatherproof and you have less chance of being mugged if you need to bring it on a night out with you.
  • Female products: If you usually use tampons for example, a lot of Muslim-dominated regions I visited didn't have them due to tradition, that said, I still struggled even in modern built-up less religious areas such as in Thailand. 

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