Sunday, 19 July 2015


La Paz is my favorite South American city thus far. I like the hustle here, yet how much safer it feels than Rio for example. It's also beautifully set in the mountains, gorgeous scenery all around.

Today, after some pancakes for breakfast, we walked to the cable cart to catch it up to the alto-market. It cost 3 BOB each way and the queues were HUGE. Stupidly we didn't get 4 tickets, we got 2 - which meant we had to re-queue again at the top of the mountain to get back down. Oops.

Luckily, the weather was rather lovely and I even got to take my jumper and thermals off! The market was HUGE. I'm not sure if we walked about in circles or what - it was very confusing. At first, it seemed as if there was some kind of order - rows and rows of car parts greet you at the entrance, and then it looks as if you might be walking into the clothing section. Soon, stationary stalls, car parts, headphones, computer games, childrens clothes, coca leafs etc. all muddle into one huge sprawling mess. We wandered around aimlessly for hours, just looking for new clothes to keep us warm. I bought a pair of tracksuit bottoms for 25 BOB, and a pair of headphones for 10 BOB - yep, they turned out to be the worst things ever.

We went back and watched Dark Knight before going out to find dinner - I ended up settling for a street hot dog for 4 BOB. Again, due to the early start needed, we called it a night and curled up back to sleep.

We tried finding this panaorama restaurant but failed miserably. I was bored and hungry by this point so we caught the cart back down and went on a trek to find the pizzeria written on the map. After some good food, we walked around the more tourist market filled with lama jumpers and bags. Matt and I now have matching lama jumpers haha. 100 BOB each. I also got my mum a little present. We also booked a tour on Death Road for tomorrow - early start!

Glass bottled coke!! Exciting... 

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