Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Colca Canyon

Yesterday, after arriving at 8:30am we went to the hostel to drop off our stuff. We went on a bus tour of Arequipa... Most boring thing I've ever done I think. It's like driving around Ipswich by bus... There's not a lot to see and it was chilly with the roof open. We were possibly the biggest western tourists known to man kind. We had McDonald's breakfast, Pizza Hut for lunch and Burger King for dinner. I'm going to put on one hundred stone.

Grand plaza. 

Mount misty in the background.

Alpaca wool shop...

Today we had to be up at 2:30am for a day tour to Colca Canyon. It's 70 soles (£14) for entrance as its a national park. The bus trip was 85 soles (£17), we booked it through our hostel Arequpia Backpackers (I recommend the hostel, very friendly staff and good location). It took 4 hours to get there and we just stopped at a few view points. At one of them you had a chance to spot Kondors, one of the worlds largest flying birds, in their natural habit. Whilst Matt was in the toilet I saw 5 at once, he was jealous obviously. It was very impressive. The canyon is the third largest in the world. Though the USA Grand Canyon is most famous, this is three times deeper!

We sat on the coach whilst some people spent an hour in the hot springs. We couldn't go because I had lost my bikini at the other one. Besides, we heard rubbish things about it being a glorified swimming pool really. Lunch was a buffet, rather expensive so I skipped it due to a lack of things I liked. When we got back we walked back to try checking back into the hostel we stayed in but it was full. We moved round the corner and ended up playing pool and watching TV relaxing for the rest of the night.

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