Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Copacabana Town/ Lake Titicaca.

The bus was super long and just slow/ delayed. We had to do a little ferry crossing (20p) over the Tequina Straits before getting back onto the bus. The views were incredible, the lake was stunning. Copacabana itself wasn't anything special, in fact, it was hugely mediocre. Unfortunately, due to Matts stupidity yesterday, we weren't able to do the tour of Isle de Sol as we missed it - it only runs at 8:30am and 1:30pm.

Instead, we booked our onwards ticket to Cusco. We were originally going to go to Puno then change as we heard if you book it as one trip, when you get to Puno they transfer you onto an awful bus. However, we were told of potential strikes across the country that could delay our trip, so we booked straight to Cusco at 120 BOB (£12). 

We just spent the rest of the day eating and drinking, killing time. The border crossing took two hours as there were huge queues, very frustrating. But the bus was nice and we arrived in Cusco at 5:30am.

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