Saturday, 18 July 2015

Do-nothing and recover day

I woke up feeling slightly better, but the need to throw up keeps coming and going. I refuse to take the medication they gave me because everytime I do, I throw it back up 30 minutes later for some reason. Anyway, I crawled up the stairs to the rooftop bar for breakfast - all you can eat pancakes. First time I'd eaten in 4 days. It took me an hour to eat one small one, and I had to soak it in milk before I could swallow it because it tasted so dry as my mouth has no moisture. I began to perk up a lot when the sun shone through the windows, and I felt warm for once. A beautiful feeling. I ended up chatting to this girl from New Orleans for a while about US politics, and she was giving me advice on where to go when I get there in September - I am so excited for it now!!

After a while we decided to walk to the English Bar nearby for lunch. The weather was nice again, and I even took my jumper off for the first time in what felt like weeks! Walking in this altitude though is very difficult for me, I can't breathe properly and have to walk slowly and stop all the time. It's irritating travelling with Matt because he is used to the height and so can't understand he needs to slow down - espeically as I was still not feeling 100%.

The food in the English bar was awful, I had a ham and cheese toastie and chips - how can you go wrong?! Apparently very. Matt loved his though. After walking back, chilling out for a bit, we decided to go to the hostel bar to claim our free beer - well, I was claiming matts - and for dinner. Again, dinner wasn't great, and Matt drank a bit before we swiftly departed.

We spent the rest of the night curled up in bed watching Batman Begins before falling asleep. I kept waking up having such real dreams, I had to keep checking other people weren't in the room. It made me really paranoid - didn't help Matt started talking in his sleep at one point! That creeped me out...

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