Monday, 27 July 2015

Education abroad

Last night Matt and I ended up having our first proper argument, it was over a really trivial thing, but it was just the final straw. He was forcing me to go into the bar and order with him when I wanted to sit in the less populated area as I still had wet hair and was wearing tracksuit bottoms and a sweater. He had felt uncomfortable the other day when he went in there wearing socks, let alone socks, wet hair and tracksuit bottoms with no make up looking a mess. It just irritated me that he couldn't do it by himself, as usual, he wanted me there to hold his hand. Anyway, he grabbed my wrist and wouldn't let me leave the bar, till I told him we were making a scene and he relented. He ended up getting food alone whilst I walked into the centre instead. 

This morning I didn't really want to talk to him, but I have little choice. I did make him book some tickets by himself though as I want him to be more independent and not rely on me to check everything over for him - he only then moans when I do anyway! 

We ended up just walking round the city and seeing what we bumped into. We went to the Irish bar for brunch and then to the coca museum. I really enjoyed the coca museum (5 out of 5). Though it was small, it was £1 entrance for students, the lady who worked there was really passionate about it. She sat us down at the start and gave us a talk, and a free piece of coca toffee. I'm going to write a post about what I learnt there. For me, it was particularly interesting because I'm doing a module next year on the Drug Policy in the Americas. A lot of it focuses on the relationship between Bolivia, Peru and Mexico v the USA. The museum gave a great insight into how culturally important coca was before the Germans turned it into a drug.

After some more walking, we went to the Machu Picchu museum. Again, I hope to write a post about that too. A rating of 5 out of 5 too. 10 soles entrance for students (£2). We then headed back the hostel to chill before getting a taxi to the bus station. We paid 88 soles (£17) for a bus to Arequipa. Though we could have got it much cheaper, the bus was really nice and even served us dinner. It was the best sleep I've had on a bus yet. Money pays hey!

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