Friday, 24 July 2015

Jungle 'Trek' to Machu Picchu: Day 1

Waking up at 5:45am is not my idea of fun. Too many early mornings and not enough partying! Anyway, we hopped in a cab to Loki hostel and I ran up some steps to get some snacks (yes me, steps, impressive I know!). We left at 6:30 and got to the sacred valley a few hours later. By 11am we were finally on our bikes and on the road after a lengthy safety discussion. We rode for 3 hours, about 60km. Along the way I got stung by a wasp and it was attached to me. Since the gloves were fingerless I couldn't get rid of it from my jeans and was in agony. Despite having been at the front practically the whole way, I had to pull over and stop to remove it. This meant I got left behind and it took a lot of hard work to catch back up again. Eventually I did, and managed to overtake those in front of me. Call me Mrs. Badass. My bottom was still in pain from death road though, so it was particularly difficult for me.

After a while of chilling in the sun, we got a bus to our next stop where we had the option of white water rafting for $30 USD extra. I went in Thailand, and matts going in Scotland next month so we decided against it. Luckily a lot of the group had too, so we chilled out with them, drank a lot of beers and all got merry watching locals v westerners football. The group we were travelling with were great, and I found a lot in common with them. So many people here travelling work/ just quit finance related jobs haha. Three people also worked in football - one girl worked for the Irish FA cup, and another did corporate football packages etc. there was a girl who studies history & politics at Oxford and she was the first person to share my huge excitement for LBJs presidential library - it was an awesome moment. 

Once the others had returned from rafting, it was time to leave our group behind because we were going in a taxi with 5 others who were doing the three day tour, whereas the rest were hiking there / doing the 4 day tour. Once at the new place we hung around for a while before meeting at 8pm for dinner. I didn't like the new group anywhere near as much and it was a lot smaller which was a shame. I was sharing a bedroom with a very annoying primary school teacher who has a very high pitched voice and irritating mannerisms. She taught in Thailand for 3 years, now Brazil, then Barcelona in September. 

At dinner we all made small chit chat. All of us on the three day tour were desperate to do the hot springs, but Loki were super unorganised and the guide was ready to let us miss it. Luckily I asked what time last admission was, and it was 9:45pm, with the current time being 9. So, we skipped our main and dessert and ran back to get changed. Our guide put us into the cab and told us it was 10 soles for the whole car, but once we drove the 10 minutes there, he demanded 10 each! We kept trying to argue but he wouldn't give up. 

The hot springs were nice, not that warm though, like a luke warm bath really. Still, it was relaxing anyway. We only had an hour before we had to leave. The taxi driver was super pissy so although I couldn't find my swimsuit, we had to leave. So, I lost it! I'm gutted because it was my favourite :(. Boooooo. Once back, some of the group went to this tiny shitty disco, but I decided to sleep instead.

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