Saturday, 25 July 2015

Jungle 'trek' to Machu Picchu: Day 2.

6:30am start for breakfast at 7am, however, the guide was out clubbing last night so was too hungover to make it to breakfast or tell us where the hell to go - much like Matthew. Matt missed breakfast as 3 times people tried to wake him up but he rolled over back to sleep. Half way through breakfast I went and woke him up and told him to get his shit together. He still didn't get to eat though. 

We went over to our zip lining place and got on our harnesses. After much confusion, we finally took a 10 minute ride to the location we started. After a quick safety lesson on how to stop yourself, we began. It was entertaining, however, one of our group members couldn't stop himself in time going backwards and slammed hard into a wooden pillar and cut open the back of his neck/ shoulder so had to go to hospital. You had the option of going upside down but I didn't like the sound of that after what happened to the other guy. Matt gave it a try though and said it wasn't that great because you couldn't then see the scenery. Lastly
there was a suspension bridge, this was my favourite because it was the only thing that made my heart beat lots as the harness didn't seem very safe if you fell haha. Also, you had to attach and unattached yourself. After, we went back to the town, we got some ice creams and set off on the next bus to the site of our hike.

Overall, including lunch, it took us about 4.5 hours. Although it was all flat along a railway line, it was pretty draining by the end and my bag was killing my neck. I was glad to finally get to the end point (which was a walk up hill through the town). There were some really beautiful sites though. It's weird that it's a live train line yet everyone walks along it.

As soon as we got to the new hostel we all just fell into bed for a bit. I ended up skipping group dinner and getting a fire pizza wood oven pizza.... It was so good but pretty pricey at £8 including a drink. English prices... But you'd never get that quality that good.

By 9:30pm we were all asleep. My bites were annoying me so much it took me a while to fall asleep. Because we were walking through a jungle area, there were so many bugs and they just love me. Overall I have about 30 bites, many of them from sand flies - I've come to learn these are more itchy and long-lasting than Mosquitos and they love me more. Nightmare.

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