Saturday, 4 July 2015

Lufthansa and the nightmare trip to Rio.

Long story 'short,' Lufthansa delayed our flight to Frankfurt so we missed our connection to Rio. They didn't really care to be honest.... We weren't allowed to get our luggage as it was sent to our next flight, which annoyingly turned out to be 24 hours later - had to stay in the same sticky clothes/ underwear till then.... They told us we'd get an overnight set at the hotel we stayed at, but when we got there they'd run out. We had to wait 40 mins for a bus to take us there. They gave us vouchers for breakfast/ lunch, but told us we had to sort out dinner ourselves.... Even though it was clearly there fault we were having to stay in Frankfurt. They just expected us to last until at least 11:30pm where maybe the plane would have got round to serving food. We already spent a significant amount on airport food yesterday at Heathrow. 

We missed our first night of our hostel, which we have to pay for anyway, and we might have to miss the football game if tickets are now all sold out. I also couldn't spend celebrating the 4th July with some American friends I hope we'd meet in Rio.

Also, let's be honest, it didn't start our trip on the best foot! Argued with Matt a bit over his constant undermining of me when I'm trying to reason with other people.... Dude, let me just try getting us a better deal. He is too much of a push over/ hates to complain. He'll never get anywhere at this rate! On the plus side, it's looking likely we'll get €600 since EU rules say essentially if they delay you more than 6 hours on a long haul flight, they have to compensate you with money.

So yeah... Messed around big time! The hotel they put us in was ok - but after we had breakfast we left, deciding we may as well check out Frankfurt. It cost €8 for an all day train ticket and took 15 mins to get to the Center from the airport. From here, we just spent the day wandering around. It's a very beautiful city/ has a real community feel. Very 'European' - cafe culture. We went to the stock market building, saw some cathedrals, had a pint etc.

The weather was unbearable.... 38 degrees and we were both wearing trousers. Second hottest place I've ever been (first weirdly is my sisters wedding in Canada). We couldn't stand it so went to primark and both bought a cheap pair of shorts before continuing roaming around a bit. Went to the stock market, saw a few cathedrals, saw them setting up the Iron man race for Sunday etc. had a pint and eventually head back to the airport for a McDonald's.... Oops hehe. 

Rolled around on the chairs for a while, raced one another at a word search... Played some card games... Attempted some cross words etc. finally got to board at 10pm Saturday night. We got the seats with extra leg room but not business class, the economy class where there's a wall in front of you... For me this was actually really annoying as I tend to lean my legs against the seat in front. C'est la vie. Food was grim... Watched insurgent and slept... Exciting times.

Due to land in one hour exactly. Woohoooo. 12 hours later were almost there...

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