Monday, 6 July 2015

Samba street party

Waking at 8am we planned on venturing to Christ the Redeemer, however, due to heavy fog we decided we would leave it till the end of our trip. Also, the history museum I wanted to visit was shut on Mondays so saving that till the end too. We decided to get the bus to Copacabana to check out the famous beach. 

I thought the area would be the nicest part of Rio, however, was sorely disappointed. It was just as rough as the other areas. The beach was perfect though, no litter and nicely raked. Very soft. I kicked off my shoes and danced round in it. Weather was a bit chilly though! Also because it was so early there was nobody else on it... A few people playing volleyball, but I imagine it is heaving in their summertime as there were a lot of goal posts for beach football. We played a few card games and just soaked up our surroundings before grabbing a drink and walking down the beach to Rio Sol shopping mall. It was such a maze inside, had no idea where we were haha. Being classic culture vultures (joking), we got a Burger King for lunch and then walked to Sugar Loaf mountain.

Entry/ cable cart fee was 30 real. (£6), and I'd give it 5 out 5 stars. Very cheap and very beautiful. Luckily the clouds had cleared, so we had a perfect view over the whole of Rio. There were loads of little marmoset monkeys running around, bold animals! Some boy went and touched it and it didn't even care. We got the cable cart to the next mountain too (included in the price). Overall, very beautiful. Matt got a beer and we just sat and enjoyed the view.

Do you like his new haircut?

Daring monkey....
Selfie spam.

After Sugarloaf we walked for about 40 minutes trying to find the right bus stop.... Total nightmare trying to find out where they all go/ route/ what side of the road to be on. Finally found one and returned safely. We walked to HSBC so we didn't have to pay a £2 fee to withdraw, and honestly I'm really glad we did - We finally found the part of Rio I'd been hoping for!

It was in Centro district. It was the business district and had a good high street (Av. Rio Branco). It was far more modern than all the run down parts we'd been seeing and felt a lot safer. I loved the buzz of people, put a spring in my step! On the way back we stopped by some world beer restaurant. It was expensive but so worth it. Matt got a huge dish by accident... It was cheese on cheese on cheese... Asking for a heart attack. I got a great sausage sub... Sounds basic, but it was so tasty ugh my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Cost 30 reals for my meal (£6) and matts cost 60 because he got a beer with his too. There were hundreds of options for beer! Reminded me of Delirum in Brussles that I visited Easter last year - no where near the same scale though...

When we got back to the hostel, despite originally planning on going on a boat party, others we spoke to were going to a Samba street party in San Pedro so we decided to join them. Got a 750ml bottle of vodka for £1.70, and a bottle of sprite, and pre-drank in the hostel TV room with 5 English boys and a French girl. They were your stereotypical 'lads', it was good fun. I now have a notch out of my eyebrow though... We were playing who has the lowest card and well... It was me... I got away very lucky though - see how extreme the boys took it below! Their hair was awful haha.

We taxied to the street party, and I had so much fun. I don't really remember it very well if I'm honest, and we left quite early, but I remember smiling a lot. We were all trying to dance, and we were totally awful, but it didn't matter because we just loved life at that moment... Definitely a bucket list thing - dance samba with locals in the street. They clearly love to party! Matt and I taxied back, and stopped at the bar on the corner for another drink before heading in and calling it a night. 

Why do I look so happy..

Extreme drinking games...

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