Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Time to move on.

This morning I stayed in bed catching up on my blog (sorry, I've been dying so... it's been slacking haha), whilst Matt went to the tour company to get the t-shirts and DVD from our trip yesterday and some present for some of the boys back home. He came back without the DVD though as he stupidly got lost and thus went when they were closed for siesta. This meant we had to delay getting the bus to Copacabana as we had to go back there when it opened at 3pm to get it. We spent the start of the afternoon on the computers just updating everything. Exciting....

We decided to go for a walk and find some lunch. We settled on this really posh looking western owned stake house. It was empty (probably because nobody can afford it)! Matt wanted a lama burger but decided against it last minute. The burgers we both got were so big I couldn't fit it in my mouth, I had to tear it apart first. It came to £8 each overall - outrage eh?

Finally we could go pick up our t shirts and photos, then wandered back to the hotel where we got ready to get a bus to Copacabana. We got to the bus station at 4:35pm, only to learn that the last bus left at 4:30pm. Great! Another day wasted doing sod all, honestly felt like crying, I was one sassy girl that evening. We booked tickets for 8am tomorrow morning at 30 BOB (£3) each.

We checked into the Adventure Brew hostel (not B&B this time), had a quick drink, and decided we were too lazy to move and so whilst matt watched batman, I just slept from 6pm onwards. How uneventful.

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