Saturday, 15 August 2015

Argentinan side of Iguazu falls.

A return bus costs 100 ARG (£5) from Iguazu City and entrance for the park costs 260 ARG (£13) - note, park entrance fee must be paid in local currency. We then also paid 270 ARG (£13.50) for a 12 minute boat trip into the waterfall itself. The place is far larger than the Brazilian side with many different routes to take. We wandered around all day and even got on the train to the Devils throat (basically takes you on a long walk over bridges to get to the very top of the waterfall where you get drenched). My favourite part was definitely the boat journey. I mean, we got totally soaked.... I had two raincoats on all zipped up and I still was so so wet. That's because though they take you fully under the falls... We couldn't see anything as the water was so powerful it was hard to open your eyes haha.

Me and my rainbow. 

After getting back to our hostel we jumped on a bus to Foz, the Brazillian side, and checked into Tetris hostel. It's so cool because it's all made out of shipping containers. After dinner we had a complimentary drink and then I headed to bed, whilst, as usual, Matt just sat and drank with others for a while haha.

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