Friday, 14 August 2015

Brazilian Iguazu Falls

So, after a last wander around Buneos Aires and a trip to the Congress buildings (personally one of he best buildings I've ever seen), we boarded a 20 hour bus to Iguazu Falls in northern Argentina. I must say, I'm imcredibly fed up of all these long bus journeys! There's more to come still though... The bus was our most expensive at 880ARG (£40 using blue dollar). Even then, that was with a 40% discount on the ticket as we bought it last minute. Always go to the station to buy tickets as the hostel we were looking at buying through didn't tell us about the possible discount.

Once in Iguazu, since we couldn't check in yet, we were told to go to the Brazilian side of the falls as its a lot smaller and easy to do in about 2 hours. It cost 100 ARG round trip (£5), and took about 30 minutes to get there, including crossing through the border. It was a very beautiful place naturally... Overwhelmingly huge! Matt went into the Devils throat in the thick of the water spray but I knew I'd get too cold without a coat so am waiting for tomorrow on the Argentinian side. It cost 42BRL (£8.40) to enter on this of the falls, which includes a bus from the entrance gate to the falls. We playfully bickered a lot today but matts past doing judo annoys me as he gets me in weird wrist grips whilst I squeal and hit him back haha. Ugh I hate him sometimes.... Shhhhhh.

Matt likes to get wet.

When we got back we chilled out for a bit and then I had dinner at a restaurant whilst Matt had a BBQ at the hostel. It was too expensive for the amount I knew I wouldn't eat. Matt is slowly turning into an alcoholic and can't seem to go an evening without beer... Despite the fact he knows he can't financially afford it and already said before dinner he couldn't afford to waste another Argentinan peso as the exchange rate is so bad from Brazilian currency... He still managed to get a large beer! Mhmm... I wonder where all his money went..... 

It really irritates me how he always expects me to introduce him and involve him with everything I'm doing, but, as soon as he meets other people - such as at the BBQ tonight - he doesn't think twice about asking if I'm ok or introducing me.... Grrrrrrrr. I honestly was going to leave him behind tonight and just leave super early in the morning, I packed all of my stuff ready but didn't end up waking up before him in the end as I was so shattered. He is irritating me so much! 

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