Saturday, 8 August 2015

Buenos Aires!

Due to the amount of rainfall, it was estimated the border crossing would be closed till at least Tuesday. This is because it is located in the Andes and so the snow was piled so high vehicles wouldn't be able to get through. Having already spent 5 days in Santiago, we were ready to move on and so had to bite the bullet and book a flight. It cost us 125 pounds each with KLM airlines, not great!

I was horribly hungover  again this morning, as was Matt, and so waking up was a very difficult process.  It cost us 18 GBP to get a taxi to the airport as it was quite far away. Our flight was delayed by 40 minutes, not too bad. The flight took 2 hours and once we landed we went to McDonalds - of course. It was the most expensive McDonalds of my life!! It cost me 14 USD for a double cheeseburger meal. That is probably the most expensive food I have had out here!

The taxi into the centre cost us 40 USD. We could have got a bus but due to our hangovers, we just wanted to reach the hostel so bit the bullet and hoped in. First impressions of Buenos Aires weren't great as the outskirts are very very run down, I worried it would be another Rio - too much hype over nothing. However, after settling in and making some friends, we went for a walk to find dinner and the place was much nicer than I initially judged it to be. I hope it improves from here!

Argentina has this thing called the blue dollar - due to inflation with the wrong price controls in place, you can trade USD for 1.5 times the official rate in shady back alleys... So, we had both taken out lots of USDs and watched our money grow magically when we exchanged it - very nice perk!

Since we went hard last night, we decided to just stay in today. It is kind of a good thing though because all of the bars and clubs are shut tonight. They have their presidential elections going on and so they cant serve alcohol as they think people wont vote if they're hungover - how hilarious.

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