Tuesday, 18 August 2015

"I hope you get the chance, to live like you were dying" - Tim McGraw.

Getting up at 10am for breakfast, we booked our skydiving and got ready to go. We were picked up at 12:30pm and got 3 other English people along the way to the jump site. It cost 590 BRL (£110) for the jump. It cost 760 BRL for the hand cam video of the guy strapped to your back. It cost  940 BRL for another guy to jump with you to film the whole thing and take photographs. Lastly, for both videos and photos, it cost 1080 BRL. Unfortunately, being so close to the end of our holiday, we decided to go just for the jump and allow our memories to relive the experience without video. After stepping into a harness and being taught the banana move (a position you have to free fall in) we had to wait 30 minutes till the first load of people went up. Next was our turn. By then, my thighs were already killing me as the harness was so tight it was so painful. We crammed 11 of us into the tiniest plane possible and set off. 

Surprisingly I wasn't nervous flying up there, nor about the prospect of jumping. However, when the door opened, because I was right next to it and just had to swing my legs to the left and fall out the plane, my nerves suddenly spiked. The noise of the plane flying through the wind was exhilarating. Anyway, time came and, tightly strapped to my instructor, I dangled my legs cautiously over the edge, worried I might fall out and drag him with me when he wasn't ready... Then he pushed forward and off we fell. With a quick yelp I lost my breath and began free falling, my cheeks puffing in the wind as my lips were sucked backwards... (Like when you push your face up against a glass door). Before I knew it, the force of the parachute stopped me dead in my tracks and yanked me back to reality, the harness pulling tightly around my legs, cutting the circulation further. The man attached to me decided to spin us round in circles quickly, making me feel rather sick! When we got near the bottom, I had to lift my legs up so we could slide along on our bums to stop. By this point, I could hardly feel my legs the harness was so tight - I ended up having slight bruises... However, still, hands down the best thing I've ever done and I'd wholeheartedly recommend you to step out of your comfort zone and give it a try!

After having a quick dinner we headed to the bus station. From here, we embarked on a very painful 27 hour journey - from 7pm to midday was the journey to São Paulo (195 BRL). We had to wait 4 hours to get a 8 hour bus to Angos del Reis (74 BRL) to get to Ilhe Grande. We thought it was like 2 hours away... So we just had to book whatever hostel was in the town as there was only 1 on hostelworld. It was expensive too at 50 BRL (£10). The two guys who ran it were just so stoned. They were friendly don't get me wrong, but the place was a bit creepy/ shitty.

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