Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lets go visit a cemetry... Dead fun!

Yesterday, in our hungover state we rolled out of bed around 1pm and walked down to the shops and dock area. It was a very nice side of the city where the rich typically live and all the high rise buildings reside. We stopped in a cafe for a drink and then wandered round aimlessly for a little while. There was a concrete gym thingy on which we had far too much fun acting like fools - made me smile.

When we got back to our room some new Irish people had joined us. We befriended them and then they left for the Tango whilst Matt and I went for dinner. Matt has been thoroughly enjoying his steak out here at a cheap price, so, that keeps him happy. Again, we met the Canadians from last night and played beer pong, hung out with the Irish when they returned, and drank some more!

Today, hungover again.... Yep, a recurring theme here! We decided to walk to the Recoleta cemetery. I didn't really know what to expect and didn't understand why everyone kept raving about this cemetery. It was quite a long walk, but personally, I think it was totally worth it - a far cry from the tombstones I was expecting. They were huge mausoleums for wealthy individuals or families. It had presidents, noble prize winners, founder of the navy etc. It was quite creepy though actually seeing their coffins through the glass. Some of them were broken and you could have entered it if you had really wanted... A necrophiliacs dream! Matt made me jump a few times, it was a weird atmosphere - people stood in front of them and posed with the dead.

We wandered around the neighborhood for a while and came across the Hard Rock cafe. We decided to pop in for a drink and to check out the place. After, we began the trek back and hung out in the hostel all evening, surprisingly avoiding alcohol this time! (Well, I did at least....).

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