Thursday, 20 August 2015

Paradise Island

So, Ilha Grande was beautiful. We spent 2 nights/ 3 days there. We were supposed to be there for 3 nights however ran out of money and there were no cash points on the island - frankly, I wasn't THAT gutted however, because the accommodation we had chosen was awful and I just wanted to be back to somewhere nice. It was in the jungle (literally the jungle) and so was steep was to get to and full of bugs. I got bitten several times by mosquitoes. Also, when the power goes off in the island (at least once a day!!), there is no natural light from anything nearby so is pitch black and miserable.

On the first day we roamed around the island, chilling in the sun with caipirinha cocktails (as usual), and just saw what the beaches were like - very nice I might add. We saw a turtle too which was really cool. So nice to have sunshine, feels like paradise here. On the second day we got a free ride on a boat to Lopez Mandes beach because some men wanted tourists to be in their promo video. It was actually an all girls trip by the looks of things... so Matt was a bit out of place! Oh well, he wasn't complaining (naturally). The beach was totally stunning, perfect sand, empty and super relaxing. The only thing that was annoying was that the sea was FREEZING cold and the sunshine disappeared behind clouds for a while so there was nothing to do. In the evening we went for dinner and just had some drinks afterwards on the beach whilst watching some child French siblings race each other - super cute.

We left at 1pm for Rio and arrived around 5pm, for a hostel drop-off and boat included it came to 90 BRL (£18). Nice to be back to civilisation, but shame the flight seems so far away still. Only two days to go.

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