Friday, 7 August 2015

Santiago babbbbyyy.

We got a 24 hour bus from San Pedro to Santiago. It cost us 28,000 (£28) and was relatively painless. We stopped quite a few times to pick other people off. When we got to Santiago we had met another girl on the bus, Meg, an Australian, and all caught a cab to princessa insolent hostel. Matt and I then to a large shopping mall as I was in desperate need of clothes. I only ended up buying 2 dresses from forever 21 instead though, oops! Nothing practical needed right now... Matt was very bored watching me shop, so we left back to the hostel and called it a night. He had a few drinks with some others whilst I slept.

Tuesday morning I went to the museum of human rights. Maybe I'll write about it later. After, I went and got a haircut... An interesting experience since I don't speak a word of Spanish nor he English. But it was only £4 and it isn't awful so who cares. Whilst I did, Matt went up a hill with some people from the hostel and we met at 3pm for a walking tour of the city. It was really good actually, it was called tours for tips, definitely recommend it. We ended in a pub and just drank with some of the others on the tour. After going back to freshen up, we had pre drinks with an Australian, Meg, and a Canadian, Craig before heading out to bells vista area for more drinks. We had a chance to discuss matts 6 kills, insightful stuff. We ended up in some rubbish nightclub but I don't remember much of that! (Thankfully so). Ended up somehow bartering a lift home from two local girls.

Wednesday we were so hungover we didn't get out of bed till 5pm. We walked to Burger King and did some shopping. There was a Nike outlet store so I got some discounted gym gear - woohooooo. Literally did nothing the rest of the night as it was chucking it down all day and just miserable. It's the first time our whole trip it has rained. We've been very lucky otherwise! Everywhere we go they tell us the weather is the best they've had in weeks.

Thursday, again, it was chucking it down but I was determined to venture out. It ended up being a pointless excursion as the national history museum I wanted to visit was flooded so it didn't open. In the evening Ricci, the hostel owner, decided to have a BBQ since nobody wanted to go out in the rain and there was nothing to do. We paid 3000 each and he got a piece of meat the size of my head. Personally I wasn't a huge fan of it because it wasn't cooked enough for me - I actually asked Matt if he had mixed red wine with it.... Turns out nope, that was just blood dripping from it. Yuck! He did do some good sausages in baguettes though so it was still good. I shared a bottle of wine with a guy and ended up getting rather wasted. The conversation in the lounge got pretty intense and felt like an episode of Jeremy Kyle. This American guy, Kevin, was on about his recent breakup with his ex girlfriend and how she was abused by her mother and this.... It was dark and heavy stuff! 

I ended up spending the rest of the evening with Kevin watching the Republican Presidential primary debate.... Because yano.... What else is more fun when you're drunk? I am so lame and way too passionate about my subject. Don't get me started though on Donald Trumps performance... Oh god it is scary how well he is doing in the polls. 

Anyway, Friday morning I woke up with a killer hangover but determined to get out of bed. I couldn't let Matt have all the fun. He went skiing in the Andes at La Parva resort. It cost 80,000 CHP (80 pounds) for transport, ski hire, clothes hire etc. Great deal. I knew, however, I would get too cold anyway as there was so much snow forecast. I decided also I didn't want to risk injuring myself and thus I wouldn't go. 

Instead I went to the gym.... Yes.... The gym. Hungover. Whilst on holiday.... That sentence shouldn't go together. It was just round the corner and cost 5,000 CHP entry. I just felt the need to exercise and have been dying to do some stomach crunches and sit ups.

After the gym I took the metro to Los Dominicos to visit the Artisan market. I almost fainted on the train it was so hot and the journey was so long with no seats, not an enjoyable journey. The market though was really beautiful. There were loads of handmade goods. Lots of it was jewellery, but some was carved woodwork etc. I just bought a hand carved and painted penguin wine stopper.

After some skittles I perked up a bit and with some good tunes on my ipod, I decided to set off to explore the base of the Andes, which were unexpectedly in front of me, topped with snow. I walked for about two hours and saw a whole new side to Santiago. It was the richer neighbourhood and the houses were huge and beautiful. There were a few good views too but I didn't have my memory card on me so don't have anything to show you. I just really enjoyed the walk though... However, I had come so far I wasn't sure I would properly find my way back, so, instead, I hopped awkwardly onto a bus and tried working out where I was going. I didn't even end up paying as I didn't understand the man and he was really friendly so just let me on.

Back at the train station I decided to do a quick grocery shop so I could cook dinner in the evening before Matt returned. The most embarrassing thing happened to me. I slipped down the escalator for trolleys because my shoes were so wet! The security guard at the bottoms was in fits of laughter and I couldn't stop giggling to myself either. 

Once everyone had got back from skiing we agreed to go on the bar crawl that evening. It was 10,000 each but free beer for an hour and some free shots in the bars we went to. Overall 9 of us went out and I had a great night, muoy bueno. 

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