Sunday, 9 August 2015

Teasing Tango.

So.... rain as usual! Today we went to a Sunday market. It made me fall in love with Buenos Aires because it was just so cute. There are so many gorgeous buildings around us everywhere. I also like how wide the streets are, theres a lot of space in the city and it feels very clean. There is, however, a huge homeless problem. We saw 4 people on mattresses in the street. There was this one couple on a double mattress just curled up asleep with a plastic sheet over them to protect them from the weather. It was very sad.

Street tango.

5 stacker burger!


I just got a little statue of the obelisk and Matt got a apron for work and a Boca football team t shirt. We tried going to the History museum, however, because it was a national holiday for the elections, it wasn't open. Great! Again, another national museum closed.... I am not having much luck on that front. I just want to learn!! Man.

In the evening, after much effort, I managed to convince Matt to come to a Tango evening with me. We left at 7pm and we got it for the 50% discounted price of 480 pesos (25 pounds with the blue dollar rate) through our hostel. It started off with a tango lesson, and my god, it was one of the most awkward things ever. I couldn't stop giggling because Matt was just too funny. It wasn't that he was bad... just... demanding/ rough. There was loads of old women watching us which just made things worse. Everyone was dressed very smartly and we looked out of place. Just altogether very cringey.

Afterwards, we had dinner, which, thankfully, was a lot less painful. Even enjoyable! The steak was great and the company was pĺeasant too. Desert was served whilst the dancers performed an hour long show. I have to admit though, tango isn't my favorite dance to watch. It is a very sexual dance with a lot of leg flicking.... But still, I am glad we went as it was a pleasant evening - Free alcohol too!

When we got back to the hostel we had a few more drinks and played Kings cup with a few Canadians. We all got very drunk before calling it a night and crawling into bed.

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