Saturday, 22 August 2015

The big man in the sky.

After dinner we had some drinks, met some new people, and eventually passed out. On Thursday we finally got round to seeing Christ the Redeemer as the weather was no longer cloudy - in fact, it was extremely sunny - hooray! It cost 51 BRL for the train & entrance to the statue area, the views on the way up are beautiful too. There was a wedding ceremony going on just in front of the statue which was cute. As usual for such a tourist attraction, it was absolutely HEAVING! People pulling the same cliched pose (which I shamefully joined in on), and wannabe photographs crouching down at every angle as to avoid cutting off the head of Christ.

In the evening we just chilled out - the people in our hostel room are the most obnoxious people I have ever come across. You can tell they don't usually go to hostels. They were rude and loud all evening, had the lights on full so late and I just couldn't fall asleep, it was driving me mental - same for everyone else in the room too. I'd definitely say to avoid Magna Lapa hostel, everyone in there is also over 30 by the looks of things! I did find a great cat though and had some cuddles with it before one of the boys whipped it with a towel and scared it off :(.

Today I started the morning by walking to the National History museum. I enjoyed it there as it was very modern and everything was explained well, however, I got a bit bored by the end if I'm honest with you. I enjoyed the walk back though as it was through the central business district and there were just so many things to stare at. After buying some cheap Smirnoff to take home, we called a taxi for 6pm and drove to the airport - it took an hour and a half to get there despite the fact it was supposed to take 20 minutes - so much traffic! 

Flight home didn't feel too long which was good, but we were on the runway for an hour before we took off. I'll never fly with Lufthansa again - the amount of grief they've given me is absurd!

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