Monday, 7 September 2015

Baby, we're in the ghetto!

Despite my hangover yesterday, I got up pretty early and went with my room mates to the beach. It was hilarious because the two girls from Chicago we were with were the complete opposite to May and I. They took hours to get ready, had a full face of make-up on, get spray tans twice/ three times a week, and have fake nails on too... Adding to this, they had packed more than May had packed for a year, despite only going away for 1 night hahahah. They were the funniest and loveliest people though and were hilarious to be around. Sarah decided she needed to get more abs before going to the beach so proceeded in her heels and swim suit to do loads of exercises on the hostel room floor haha. They had never stayed in a hostel, and one of them had never really left Chicago, so they were pleased that May and I were both 'normal' and fun to hang out with - so cute!

Anyway, after a while on the beach and a delightful swim, we decided to grab lunch. Sarah and Amy left us to go to a beach bar and after a while, May and I decided to go to Aventure mall. Annoyingly it was an hour away by bus and it felt like forever. Thankfully, the bus was only $2.50 each way. There was this lady who was actually pushing her dog around in a buggy... A buggy! America is weird haha. The mall was a nice place to kill a few hours and I ended up getting a five guys for lunch - they're so good but so expensive! I picked up a new fabric bra from Urban Outfitters but that was about it.

Pram dog.
Classic sexism - Hilary Clinton Coloring Book.

When I got back to the hostel I didn't really do a lot. Some other girl was borrowing Miram's ID so I just chilled out in the hostel watching some other people drink/ play pool and just crashed in bed pretty early on.

This morning I had to complete a maths test for some recruitment agency. Due to the awful wifi in the hostel, I ventured out at 8am to find an internet cafe. The only one I could find charged $2 every 20 minutes - outrage! Anyway, after some practice, I passed the maths test - great news. On my way back to the hostel there was a banner that said 'police crime scene, do not cross', just like the movies... It was around a bus stop that had a load of blood on the floor. Interesting... Turns out a guy was stabbed twice and died. Later on in the day, 2 blocks from where we're staying, a guy was also shot... The place was swarming with CSI.

Location of Miami Ink
Old School Diner.

Once at the hostel I got one of my research books and sat on the grass near the beach reading - Sand drives me mental. Some locals stopped by occasionally to ask me what I was reading, to tell me I was pretty, or to say 'Long live America!' (it is labour day today...). Everyone was odd but so very lovely. In fact, everyone I've met so far has been lovely to me!

When evening rolled round May and I went and got some canned cocktails and sat on the beach in the shade. It was just perfect weather, and a perfect moment. We just gossiped for a few hours till we were sufficiently tipsy and headed back to the hostel to get changed. Miram loaned me her ID again and so we all went and played flip cup (won first round, lost the second - booo). These two guys joined our team and were both really friendly - our opponents were too. Turns out one of them used to go to TexasTech and was raving about it - what a small world. We all ended up going downstairs and playing 'Never Have I Ever', before the party bus showed up and we all vacated the hostel.

Honestly, both the bars we went to were pretty crappy, but I still had a blast because I was totally smashed and all of the company I met at the hostel were awesome to party with. Lots of the guys kept buying me drinks so, deciding I was too wasted, I walked back to the hostel and crashed right away.

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