Friday, 4 September 2015

I love you US Airways.

Great news! This trip has already got off to a far better start than Latin America since the airline company I am flying with seem to genuinely care about their customers. I was originally flying to Orlando via Miami, only to have to sleep in the airport for 7 hours, then get on a bus back to Miami since this saved me £200. Before I checked in today, I asked them whether there was anyway, though unlikely, that they could cancel the second part of the trip. The lady responded that usually it invalidates your return journey, however, I could go ask the company service desk. As luck have it, the lady behind the desk was wonderful and friendly. She managed to do exactly as I wished from the start - without having to pay anything extra! WOOHOOO. So, I don't have to sleep in the airport! Bad news though, is that I have to find somewhere to stay in Miami - this is difficult as everywhere seems to be completely full. Uh ohhhhh.......

Fingers crossed!

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