Saturday, 5 September 2015

Teen-drinking is very bad... Yo, I got a fake ID though!

Miami. Miami. Miami. HYPE.

Miami is just everything you dreamed about – sun, sea, sand and sangria's. The only time the streets are empty is at 8am when everyone is still reeling from their hangovers. Otherwise, the place is filled with young, hot and high spirited youths. I have hardly seen anyone over 30. South Beach is literally dominated by the young and beautiful.

But… It’s a shame you can’t enjoy it to the full if, like me, you’re not 21. Damn you America, damn you.

Today I wasn’t allowed to check-in till 3pm so decided to put on my swimsuit and head down to the beach (of course). The sand is beautiful white and the sea is so clear you can see your feet easily. There is, however, LOADS of jellyfish. They don’t seem aggressive though, I didn’t see anyone stung… The sun was so strong and there were just loads of young people together in their little cliques chatting and soaking up the rays. It just reminded me of some classic American high school  films really… But in a cool way, not a bitchy way. I ended up speaking to some girls who were there on holiday from Texas for a while, before deciding to head back for lunch.

In this hostel, Miami South Beach International Hostel, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, however, there is only 1 option. So, for a fussy eater like me, I still end up buying food anyway. For lunch though there was hot dogs, so, I quickly devoured one of those whilst chatting to some fellow travellers.  Once in my room I had the privilege of meeting the nicest girl ever. Her name is May, she’s from Australia, but her parents are from Vietnam, we quickly clicked which was nice.

Evening time rolled by and I ate BBQ crisps for dinner (I feel this will be an re-occurring theme), before drinking with some friends I made earlier in the day. It was funny really, they all wanted to hear about my travel stories because they were just so fascinated that I was struggling to find ID to go out with but had seen so much of the world. Of course, for me, this was a great opportunity to chat away about my funny adventures, something I always get shhh’d for at home! It gives me a reality check too about just how lucky I am. Eventually, one of the lovely girls I made friends with, Miram, said I could borrow her ID. Originally I was very reluctant as she looks nothing like me and I couldn’t even pronounce her name, let alone any of the other details on it! But the hostel worker said it’d be fine and I’d get away with it, if not, they always give the ID back so I had nothing to lose really (other than the $20 I paid to get in/ for the party bus).

The party bus was pretty cool, stripper poles and lots of flashing lights and loud music to dance to, there were no seats. It didn’t take long to get to STORY nightclub – Pete Tong was DJ’ing that night. Weirdly, the ID worked! The guy clearly just didn’t give a shit, I was female and had boobs, that’s all he needed to see… America boys and girls! Anyway, the girls were allowed to the VIP section of the club where two large bottles of grey goose waited for us. The drink prices otherwise were crazy - $15 for a vodka. Needless to say, I didn’t buy any drinks. Unfortunately there were not many hot guys around either to flirt with. The club was cool, but honestly, I expected a lot better! I wasn’t drunk enough really… I ended up just walking home around 1am. 

P.s. If you didn't get the reference I made in the title of this blog post, we can't be friends.

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