Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Dallas & President Bush.

This morning I woke at 8:30am, but Nichole had already left for work. I just showered, cleaned the room up a bit, and finally hailed an Uber ($7) to take me to George Bush's presidential library. Public transport here is really not great to be honest, there's a bus to town from her place but not to Southern Methodist University, which is where the library was. The houses we drove past were just totally gorgeous! Huge mansions in the surrounding area. The university too was just gigantic and beautiful. I was lied to yesterday when I was told it wasn't that humid in Dallas... It was dribbling but still so hot I instantly regretted wearing leggings and a jumper (that said, so many places have uncomfortably strong air conditioning on!!).

The museum was far bigger and beautiful than I expected, clearly money was not an object when building it! It would help to explain the absurd $13 student entrance charge - $16 for adults. As someone who is fascinated by U.S. History though, it was worth it - but I did already know practically all of it... 

It told you about the Florida election recount, lots of his key policies (like head start), the war on terror, his personal life, hurricane Katrina etc. It had a part of the structure from the twin towers though which was interesting to see. Also a section where you could read visitors experiences from the day it happened. There was a life sized replica of the Oval Office too, reconstructed to be the exact same as when Bush was in office. All of the staff at the museum were just so friendly and welcoming it was lovely. They were all very confused though as to why I was walking round with a notebook writing everything down haha, I had to keep explaining my desire to do a MA in U.S. history, thus trying to educate myself about every aspect of it whilst I was here. 

After a while I decided to head downtown. It took 15 minutes to walk to the train station but it felt like forever in the humidity. I got a burger from smash burger joint which was pretty delicious... Then realised I accidentally still had the iPod touch I was given as an audio guide! Oops... So then I had to 'trek' in the heat back to the museum, then back again! Luckily some guy gave me his train pass as it was valid for another hour so was enough time to get into town. 

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