Friday, 23 October 2015

Summary of USA

I'm sorry I never kept up with my blog in America. Honestly, after my laptop crashed and I only had my phone, it was hard to do and I just got lazy! My apologies. I'll give you a quick low down of some of my opinions.

  • My favourite place: New Orleans, it was lively and just a whole bundle of fun. Easy to get around and jazz music makes the world a better place! Despite Hurricane Katrina physically devastating the city, the people have a real sense of unity and ability to bounce back.
  • Most surprising place: San Antonio! It was far more beautiful than I thought I would be, great people, lots to do, wonderful to walk around.
  • Worst place: Tallahassee, Florida: Though I had the best host ever, there was hardly anything to do (unless you did some archival research like myself), and it was very hard to get around. I had to walk miles to get anywhere! Very tiring. I also wasn't a fan of Dallas, Texas as I just couldn't find much to do there honestly, and the attractions were rather pricey. I did like George Bush's presidential library, but did little else.
  • Most fun: Miami, Florida. While it would have been a hell of a lot better had I been 21, I still had a great time, met some awesome people and was able to dance the night away. There is nothing to do there during the day other than shop/ lay on the beach, but it was wonderful to just be surrounded by a young and vibrant environment constantly.
  • Best University City: Lubbock, Texas. As a university town, had a great spirit everywhere you went, one huge community. Lots of fraternity parties to keep you busy if you're able to flirt your way into the right communities! Everyone was very welcoming though all around. 
I'll be posting about my experience couchsurfing soon, my God there was some fun...

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