Friday, 25 September 2015

Tallahasse: State Capital of Florida.

It was nice to have a break from the roaring sunshine in Texas, but Tallahasse was still morbidly humid. It did however, mean that I was able to go for walks without sweating profusely. I took full advantage of this and trekked into the centre. This city literally has the worst transport infrastructure I have ever come across, the lack of buses is astounding - so, in reality, I had no choice but to walk.

There really isn't much to downtown Tallashassee at all - it was completely dead when I was there. The university is what makes the city, but that's not located in the centre so I suppose I missed out on the 'good part'. I did, however, end up doing some archival research in the state library on the youth assembly that was formed to assess the drug situation in the country in the 60s. It was really interesting work and a nice little gem to come across. I also visited the state capitol building - it was hugely disappointing and was an ugly monstrosity. Weak in comparison to Austin's beautiful site.

My CS host, Jessie, was such a laugh and one hell of a crazy chick. She is a 27-year-old lawyer in the city who loves a constant party. She was contemplating going to the gym, and, well, equipped with my new trainers I had been dying to go so forced her to. On the way back we grabbed some unhealthy junk (classic) and did some food shopping before spending the evening getting drunk with a friend of hers in her house. She was so lovely and even dropped me off at the Megabus stop the next morning at 7am in our hungover state. So, Orlando bound!

Ugly state capitol building.

State library - Where I did my research.
Florida State Senate.
Florida House of Representatives. 
Statue to show the importance of literacy in building a strong community and supporting democracy.
Very run-down! Supreme Court of Florida.

Death in a machine...

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