Friday, 15 April 2016

Couchsurfing success

I don't know why I'm so surprised by it, I guess maybe it's because last year I never made any public trips, but last night I made two public requests on for Washington DC and Cleveland, Ohio. The only reason I asked so far in advance is because of the dates I need a place for. In Washington it's the fourth of July, and in Cleveland it's for the Republican National Convention. So far, I've been overwhelmed by the responses! I've already been offered 3 places in Cleveland and 2 in Washington.

Most interestingly, one man on there is 74-years-old and lives in Cleveland. He was actually a Democratic Senator for Ohio for 16 years! He'll have the most amazing stories ever. He even helped pushed through the Civil Rights Act. Imagine being about to talk history and politics with him?! Anyway, he said he may not be in Cleveland for the convention, but I was welcome to come meet and stay with him and his wife at his lake house about an hour away. He even gave me his e-mail and phone number so I could stay in touch with him.

Another man in the Cleveland area offered me a place to stay, but unfortunately he is a bit out of the way. He can teach me how to shoot guns and show me the best rural places in Ohio, sounds great! I'll try getting there if I can, but I'm not sure I will have the time. Moving onto to those who have offered to host me in Washington, well, I just can't put into words how fascinating all of these people are; baffles me!

I forgot how beautiful and friendly the CS community are, and it makes me over-joyed to see so many people willing to accept me into their homes and share their lives with me. It makes me super hyped for the summer!

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