Sunday, 3 April 2016

Screw Superman, Megabus is the hero I need.

This is by far the most stressful trip I've organised as I'm trying to do it as cheap as possible so am having to book every bus in advance. Today megabus USA just released their new calendar, but unfortunately it wasn't as cheap as I'd hoped. I had to re-schedule again and again to get cheaper prices. For example, a megabus ticket from New York City to Cleveland, Ohio for the Republican Convention was $55 for the day I wanted, but only $10 a day earlier. So unfortunately I'm having to spend a whole week in Cleveland instead of the few days the convention is on, but I'm still excited anyway. I really hope my media pass comes through, but if not it'll be an interesting atmosphere regardless.

I also still have a lot to arrange while I'm out there. In some places local transport was best instead so I haven't booked that. On the east-coast I mainly plan on ride-sharing through sites like Craigslist because I have no idea when I'll be done in archives so can't book in advance. I could just book a whole bunch of buses and catch whatever ones I feel like, but I don't want to take away from other peoples cheap seats! I'm scared as to how much this trip will cost me. I plan on couchsurfing everywhere that I can, but some places I know will be hard (like Cleveland during the convention). I also read a very interesting idea the other idea about meal-replacement shakes to save money while travelling. Obviously I love a lot of the local food in America, but having one powdered meal a day may be a great way to save money. I'll just eat out for dinner. I'll see how my budgeting goes!

So, low down of locations and costs (in no particular order):
- Toronto to Washington DC ($15, 14 hrs 15 mins)
- Washington DC to NYC ($1, 5 hrs 5 mins)
- NYC to Burlington ($1, 7 hrs 45 mins)
- Burlington to Boston ($1, 4 hrs)
- NYC to Cleveland ($10, 8 hrs 55 mins)
- Cleveland to NYC ($10, 8 hrs 55 mins)
- Philadelphia to Newark ($1, 1 hr 10 mins)
- Newark to Baltimore ($1, 1 hr 10 mins)
- Baltimore to Richmond ($1, 4 hrs 10 mins)
- Baltimore to NYC ($5, 3 hrs 20 mins)
- NYC to Chicago ($15, 18 hrs 20 mins)

Then flight from Chicago to Las Vegas, including $30 baggage was $117, 4 hours with Frontier Airlines. I also booked my London to Toronto flight for £219 including baggage with Wow Airlines.

Total so far: £48 approx (Megabus), £302 approx (flights) = £350


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