Monday, 23 May 2016

Where will the world take me?

I'm off to Thailand not this Thursday but next Thursday - do you think I'm ready? Oh god no. Oops! I have 0 plans. I just finished my exams on Saturday, so haven't had a spare moment to think about it! Honestly, exams didn't go as well as I would have liked, and I don't think I'll have actually made the grades I need for Oxford, but right now I'm not all that bothered if we're being frank. They've messed me around so much with accommodation and college options, and have been so unhelpful about pretty much everything. They expect you to know how everything works without having been there. Also, I'm not even sure what I actually want to do my dissertation on yet and spending £9,200 on tuition, at possible the ugliest college possible (google St Anthony's!) I'm just not sure it's worth it - so, perhaps I'll revert back to my 3rd option and instead of taking up the offers I've got at law school, go travelling for a year then work out what I want to do!

Anyway, I digress, back to present problems! I really wanted to go to Nepal but just couldn't afford it. At 21, and having travelled a lot, I know this sounds completely snobbish but I am so done with the Thai islands. Yes, they're beautiful, and yes, they're a lot of fun, but it doesn't really feel like you're in Thailand due to the lack of local people and culture. Yes, there's lady-boy shows, and some Thai people on the islands, but they're vastly outnumbered by Western tourists. Increasingly it is becoming Kavos for rich kids - and I'm not saying you shouldn't go, or that I wasn't like that when I first went - the islands are a lot of fun if you like partying and soaking up the sun, but I just feel like there's so many more places I should visit!

So, I thought to myself, where can I go to relax, won't burn a hole in my pocket, and meet lovely locals? Well, Burma/ Myanmar of course! I absolutely fell in love with the country when I last visited and feel there's so much more to explore before it becomes the next Thailand. I still wanted a beach destination though as I've just finished exams and I'll be city-dwelling the whole time I'm in the US (a part from California). Anyway, Dawei or Myeik seemed like a perfect choice. The problem, however, is that Southern Burma has only opened up EVEN TO LOCALS in the past few years, and so the infrastructure just isn't there and after hopelessly trying to explore into it, it seemed I had arrived at a dead end. It was likely to be more expensive than visiting Nepal as you have to charter private boats to get out to the islands which are only run by a very few companies offering huge prices. Hotels were also sparse and hard to reach. It seems like it would be the perfect retreat into the real Myanmar, however, at 21, travelling solo, and low on cash, it's frankly too dangerous - else I'd go and just try meeting locals and staying with them! Sad times.

This left me pondering where to go. I decided instead to focus on activities I've always wanted to do, and realised that while I'm in Thailand, the world's cheapest place for this activity, I've always wanted to get my open water scuba diving qualification. I have been to so many places that are supposed to be amazing for it, yet haven't been able to do it as I haven't had my qualification! If you remember, two years a go I delayed my flight so that I could go and learn in Koh Tao before returning home, however, after being bitten by a spider, and covered in numerous infected bites, after a trip to a hospital in Burma I was told I should afford water as it would only inflame though. Thus, my dream of scuba diving was once again dashed. Now, with spare time, and no clue what to do, I think this is when I'll do it!! I don't have the money, but at £160 it's the cheapest I'm ever going to find it.

We'll see when I land though where I feel like going or what I fancy doing. Leave it to chance!
Most likely Koh Tao then... another place I suppose? I'm not sure I can deal with all the alcohol and partying haha. My God, I think I'm getting old!

Snorkelling in Koh Tao 3 years a go!

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