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'That' Tattoo, two years on! My Kuala Lumpur adventure.

I love Oli Sykes. 
When it comes to being rebellious, I topped it is a teenager. I won't get into the ins and outs of it, but I was a wild child. Beyond having a sassy attitude, I loved to be the first one to do everything. As a result, being the hip scenemo moody teenager that I was, I loved to collect odd piercings. 

I had my septum pierced twice (not at the same time obviously), my belly bar twice (actually, both at the same time - the top and bottom of it),  my conch, rook, nipples, cartilage, nose etc etc etc. I even had my hips pierced at 13 (much to the dismay of my mother). They actually rejected within 3 days and was left heavily visible scars up until 17 years old. I still, however, refused to learn my lesson and take advice from my wise parents. You get the picture though, I loved a good painful experience and something new. 

So, when I turned 18, having got as many piercings as I had ever wanted, and realising I'd have to start taking some out if I ever wanted to become a lawyer, I sought something more! And well, fourteen-year-old me inside was screaming for a tattoo. With an upcoming trip to Asia in the summer of 2013, I figured there was no time like the present. BUT, for once, I was actually wise and decided there was nothing I wanted on me forever so wouldn't act upon my desire. 

The same, however, could not be said for the following summer. Spending ages pondering different ideas and quotes, from T.S. Elliot to a phrase used by Jonny Depp in the film blow, I had settled upon the quote for my tattoo. I told myself I didn't want anything over-used, like 'wanderlust', or an aeroplane, however, I still somehow ended up settling for the cringiest quote ever! Admittedly though, I haven't seen it on anyone else... but it still makes me cringe having to tell people what it says.

Anyway, one sunny afternoon strolling the streets of Kuala Lumpur, I decided it was time to get it. It is a relatively modern city and the people were friendly, why not? Least I wasn't drunk on Koh Phi Phi getting tattooed by the same dirty needle as the five other drunk brits that night... Though sometimes, I wish I had been drunk so least it wouldn't sound so terrible! 

Back to the point - I googled a few places and there were plenty of good reviews for 'Zoo Body Tattoos'. Looking at the photos, their work looked good and so I popped in for a quote. They asked for £100 despite the fact it was only supposed to take an hour - with no knowledge of the going rate really, and prepared, I sheepishly agreed and paid the deposit after giving a vague idea of what I wanted. 

Literally a 5-year-olds handwriting.
Why I went back the next day I don't know. Well, I do, I mean... I'd paid the deposit I may as well get it right?! But once I saw the tattoo, I hated the font and generally despised it overall. I asked him to change one of the letters, but just left the rest - too embarrassed to say anything. In hindsight, I was so stupid, like... that's on my body forever and I was too pathetic to ask for something else haha. 

The tattoo itself was the just the most agonising pain I have ever been in! I had my jumper with me and literally shoved the whole thing in my mouth to stop me from crying at him to stop haha. I also had to put heavy metal on my ipod headphones because the noise of the tattoo machine grinding against my ribs was just sickening. I've had my septum re-pierced through scar tissue, which most say is the worst piercing you could have, but this was 100% worse. Anyway, after an hour and a half, it was over and I walked out the shop annoyed at myself.

A lot of people ask me now if I regret it - but honestly, I don't even notice that I have it and nobody ever sees it! I live in the UK, it's cold and raining all the time, when would anybody get the chance? Also, before I got it done what I told myself was that tattoo removal has gotten so much more advanced in the past 10 years, no doubt it'll improve more in the next ten after that! So whoever says these things last forever... well... tell that to technology fifty years from now! I do consider getting it covered up, but honestly, it doesn't bother me enough and I don't know what I'd want there anyway as it's an awkward place. I also loved the city of Kuala Lumpur and it reminds me of the fun I had there. Though I find the quote cringey, I still live by it every day. It's something I had always wanted to experience too so you know what, fuck it: Die with Memories, Not Dreams! 


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