Sunday, 26 June 2016

"You shall henceforth be known as lady Madison"

Despite feeling slightly worse for wear, I went to the Oxford Renaissance Fate with Charlotte and the kids. Charlotte had been able to get a good deal on groupon so whereas it should have cost $50 for 2 adults/ children, she got it for $20, but then had to pay $7 ‘tax’ on the door when entering.

The whole event was very very odd. We started off by watching Madison get made a lady – the queen and her servants came along all dressed in authentic renaissance get-up and had her kneel before the queen as she made Madison a lady of the realm. Then we watched some rubbish sword fights, a girl spinning fire and a couple cracking whips together. Later we went and watched two knights joust one another on horses too… The actors were all just very odd people and you could see why they worked here. There were many other things going on around the same time, lots of actors dressed up weirdly, pretending to be tiny children or crazy… though I’m not sure that was ‘pretend’. If you were high this would be the trippiest event of your life.

My fav photo bless her!

Like Mother like Daughter.
Sword fighting.
Spinning fire
Anyway, the heat was sweltering so we decided not to hang about too long and headed back home. For dinner that evening we had the weirdest meal of my life… And I think I enjoyed it. I’m really not sure, my mind and stomach were just so confused by it! So I had BBQ chicken with bacon on, and mashed potato. Sounds good right? Then, on top of that I had MAPLE SYRUP BAKED BEANS!? Yup. Just as odd as it sounds – but surprisingly delicious, I found myself craving more. I can’t get my head around it, it’s both a dessert and main meal.

After dinner I went to go see Devin and Branden Tanti, two boys I used to hang out with when I lived in Canada back in 2007. It was great seeing them both and they’ve got such a lovely house too – they’ve got a huge garage out back which is such a classic male ‘den’ style – it has a bar, naked photos of women, things they’ve found in the scrap yard (where their house mate works), skidoos, snowmobiles, beer pong, darts etc. Any mans dream really. They've also got 3 Rottweilers! They were adorable and so friendly. We just had a short catch up, had a few beers, then I headed back to Charlotte’s to bed with the promise of seeing them again soon. 

The Man Den.
Paint me like one of your French girls.

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