Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Lush Shampoo Bars - Worth the hype?

Yesterday we just spent the day chilling out really, we went to the splash pad so the kids could cool down, then in the afternoon my mum and dad arrived. They’ve just spent a week driving around the North-East USA (Vermont, New Hampshire & New York), and have now come to Canada for a week. It was great to see them as I don’t actually get to see them much when I’m at home as I’m usually at university. So spending some quality time with mum and dad is nice!

In the evening Dad and I went to watch Justin play baseball, his team won (woooo). The whole time Dad and I just caught up on politics and bickered back and forth about the catastrophe the BREXIT was going to cause – which he argued would be non-existent (pfffft). In fact, most of our conversations have been about politics – whether it be who should replace Cameron, or what’s going to happen to us – we have very different views that’s for sure! After the game Dad, Justin and I went for a quick pint before returning home. I was very sad to have to give up my beautiful king sized bed and to relegated to the corner sofa like some dog :( haha.  

Today we went to White Oaks mall, a place I haven't been in probably about 6-7 years! Just did a spot of shopping, got a burger (naturally), and replenished the kitchen cupboards. I went to LUSH and got a bar of shampoo - I've been meaning to try it to see whether it is actually any good as it can stop you from having to carry liquids in your rucksack, I got one called Brazilliant, along with a tin to store it - note, they recommend getting the larger body butter tin instead of the perfectly fitting shampoo tin if you won't have time to dry your bar out before putting it away because it can melt into the tin and be a real bitch to get out! I also got a free sample of the conditioner to try out. 

I put them to the test later on, and honestly, while the shampoo bar was great, and made my hair smell wonderful, the conditioner was totally pants and did a sweet f* all. It was like rubbing sand through my hair! So, I recommend the shampoo definitely (though it's very pricey), but the fact I can't get a decent conditioner means I'd have to carry liquids anyway - defeating the point really. 

Get your wallets out grandparents, we're going shopping!
In the evening, while eating pizza, all hell broke lose and a huge family domestic ensued, Charlotte ended up storming off for old time's sake, and I acted as peacemaker trying to soothe tensions between everyone - eventually apologises were made and we all headed to bed, ready to start fresh in the morning. Who doesn't love a good family argument eh?! What's a holiday without one of those.

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