Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Dance like fire

It's great to be back in Koh Tao, the beautiful island that it is. I firstly got a free lift to Big Blue Dive to check it out as a rep was harassing me on the boat there to take a look. Honestly the dive school was beautiful and had many perks - clean, tidy and staff were great. It was located on Sairee Beach, arguably it's the nicest one on Koh Tao. The price, however, meant I decided to search elsewhere. It was 9800 baht (£190). Honestly if you have a bit of extra cash, it seemed perfect, and had plenty of people about also learning to chill with out of class. I'll try finding a cheaper one tomorrow.

Anyway, I got a free trip back to the main area and had to wait 40 minutes to check-in so decided to go to the beach and blast some EDM and catch some rays. What a mistake that turned out to be! I was busy reading and ended up burning all of my back really badly and ended up in agony after my nap as I slowly turned into a lobster. 

Koh Tao Central Hostel was rated top on trip advisor but honestly I wouldn't recommend it. It was nicely decorated, the theme was London so had 'mind the gap' painted and mini bansky copies etc, and the man running it was lovely. The hostel has lots of deals with nearby shops too which was good to pick up some cheaper clothes. However, it didn't have a common room area so lacked a community feel and was hard to meet people. It was affiliated with the bar opposite and you got a free drink from there, but it was still hard to know who was there from the hostel - that is, if anybody was even there! Which often wasn't the case. 

Regardless, when evening rolled round I befriended a guy named Josh and we went for a few drinks there before heading on a walk to try finding a bar that was actually busy. After a 30 minute trek (least that's what it felt like), we stumbled upon good ol' Lotus Bar. My favourite from my last visit to Koh Tao and the busiest in the area. Anyway, we devoured a bucket each and ended up plastered just memorised by the fire dancers. They got out a fire skipping rope and limbo too. It always strikes me as far too dangerous but hey, that's Thailand for you!! No rules. Annoyingly I lost my phone in the sand but thankfully, due to my nifty background, some people saw me searching and asked if I was Scarlett and reunited me! See, again, my planning worked wonders haha.  Eventually I stumbled home in my drunken state and grabbed a regular toastie water combination from 7/11 before passing out in bed. Night well spent; man I love Thailand. 

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