Thursday, 23 June 2016

Packing for Thailand? Learn from a pro!

After my third time in Thailand, I've come to see too common a sight in South-East Asia: An overflowing 80L backpack with a tired person struggling in the humidity to lug it about. "But why do you need so much stuff" I question, as they tell me they've got a snorkel mask, or a hammock in there 'just in case' for example. This is so unnecessary! If you really need this, you can usually rent it, or just buy it when you need it and then pass it on. Never carry this around!

Also, just because you're going for longer than 2 weeks, never pack for more than this! Honestly, laundry in South-East Asia is SO cheap and efficient that you can easily clean your clothes every 3 days if you really wanted. Ok, so it gets a bit annoying wearing the same stuff all the time, but as a female you can just accessorise it differently if you really want. But people seem to think a longer trip away means you need more stuff, and it's simply not true.

My main rucksack (5.5kg)
N.B. I use 3 day-sacks to put all of this stuff in - minus the shoes and jumper!
- 3 dresses (1 for nightclubbing that's also a day-dress if needed, other more summer ones)
- 8 tops
- 2 pairs of shorts
- 1 pair of sports leggings (for buses)
- 1 hoody (plain black)
- 3 bras &12 pairs of underwear
- 2 bikinis
- 1 travel towel
- 1 pair of nike trainers, 1 pair of flip flops.
- 1 sarong (useful for everything: staying warm, covering up for temples, stop sun burn etc)
- 1 wash bag (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, small factor 50, small factor 30, small factor 10).

My daysack (5.2 kg)
- Writing pad/ pen
- Sleeping bag liner
- 2 selfie sticks (1 for water/ rust, 1 not to go in water)
- Go pro hero 3+ and mounts/ 2 spare batteries
- Sony D600 DSLR, spare batteries and chargers
- Padlock for hostel lockers.
- Travel adapter
- Kindle
- 1 waterproof pouch for money/ phone.
- Iphone 6

After this picture I removed the sports bra & work-out shorts, added trainers and 2 other bras.

Honestly, in Thailand you'll find you tend to stick to the same loose top and pair of shorts and just re-wear them constantly as they're comfortable and everything else just gets dirty the second you put it on so you're never clean anyway! So out of the 8 tops I took with me, I actually only used about 3 because I also bought 2 while I was there which were really loose fitting vests. I only took 1 jumper because honestly, you won't ever wear it other than on cold bus journeys/ as a pillow, same goes for trousers.

Always bring a smaller rucksack with you to just take around during the day because it's impossible/ stupid to carry your large one everywhere! If you don't have one, you can wait till you get to Thailand as it's very cheap to pick up fake ones.

Remember, it's better to pack less and then add more - it's cheap to buy clothes in Thailand - rather than be stuck lugging around a huge bag and not wanting to throw away your best clothes from home because you've realised it's unnecessary!

Pack light and you won't regret it,
Have fun!

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