Saturday, 25 June 2016

I’m scared of killing children

Today I woke at 7am (far too early for my liking), but least it was a beautiful site. My little 3-year-old niece Madison came bounding into my room to say hello, and Charlotte had baby Brooke, my latest niece, cradled in her arms. It’s the first time I’ve seen her and she’s so cute. She has the biggest cheeks you’ve ever seen, but it’s adorable! I love that Madison is older now as she interacts with you more like a real person – anyone that knows me will tell you that I can’t stand babies. I don’t like the fact they are always crying, and that they can’t tell you what’s wrong, and that they’re so fragile to hold – I’m worried about hurting them! So for Madison to have gotten older and more independent was great for me – though I think I’ll prefer her at 6 even more haha.

My 'new' niece, baby Brooke.
We started the day with Madison’s soccer game. Poor kids, the sun was relentless, I have no idea how they could run round in it! That said, they spent most of their time looking at the ball instead of kicking it. I really like that about Canadian culture though – it centers so much on kids and their sports. Children either play soccer, ice hockey or baseball – or all of them! It’s hugely expensive, but at least the kids are always active and out and about unlike England where the occasional boy will play football and a girl you might know dances. It’s not nearly as common. Also, in Canada it creates a great culture for parents too – walking through Dorchester it felt as if Charlotte and Justin knew the whole town! Everybody was stopping to say hi, and Madison was being pulled along in a little vehicle behind as we walked.

Wagon time.

Hey now, there's three people in goal, I'm not sure this is fair!
When we returned we ended up going to Trail’s End. It’s a local market between Dorchester and London and it sells a variety of things – from furniture, to meat, to fruit. My sister gets all her fruit for the week from there, as it’s a million times cheaper than in store. The other day she paid $3 for one apple in the supermarket, but you can get heaps here for the same price. The watermelons were just an unbelievable size… We went to go see the dogs for sale too (much to Madison’s delight of course), and I just wanted to take one home!

After lunch I attended one of Charlotte’s friends wedding showers. In Canada it’s odd because they have a pre-wedding shower a few months before the wedding, so you end up having to buy the person two gifts – as everyone knows, wedding gifts aren’t always the cheapest things either! They usually send out a list on a website like Sears of things they need for their new house and you can just buy them from the list, but at the end whatever isn’t bought then has a 20% discount applied for the married couple to buy. I must say, Kelly got some odd wedding gifts! She had asked for them I’ll add, but still rather weird – for example she got given a squatting step that goes round the base of her toilet to help aid trips to the bathroom. The best gift though, in my opinion, was the chopping block shaped like the death star from Star Wars! It was funny because you could tell she felt totally awkward opening all the gifts – just as I would too really. Afterwards there was some food and cake to go around and Madison managed to make a right mess – though I can’t say the adults did much better!

Early evening Charlotte and I took a trip to downtown London – it took us ages to park and was a stressful process as Charlotte hasn’t been out drinking since she first had Madison – so about 4 years! Eventually we decided on Barney’s patio. The bar was great and I’d highly recommend it but it was over-crowded and expensive. Since it was a beautiful day it was so busy as everyone was sitting outside – they have little fairy lights over top of the tables, which is cute, and there was a lot of good music on. But I’ll admit, it was spoilt by the fact we spent TWO HOURS waiting for a table to nab and paying $8 CAD for a pint of Somersby’s. Charlotte only had 1 as she was driving, but we chilled out anyway, caught up, and eventually headed back around 11pm.  I ended up spending the remainder of the night till 2am with Justin and his friends from the neighborhood having a couple more, it was good fun/ banter. 


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