Friday, 24 June 2016

“A J Mansfield, please report to airport security ASAP”

After watching the money I had saved plummet overnight thanks to the BREXIT, upon arrival at Bristol airport (after a lengthy megabus and overly expensive £7 bus to the airport), I waited patiently for my WOW-Airlines flight to Toronto via Iceland.

In the airport I ended up having a mini heart attack as I heard my name (note, my real name is Amber, not Scarlett, I changed it at 18) ringing over the loud speaker, requesting me to go back to security. I suddenly panicked that there was something wrong with my luggage – maybe the valium or antibiotics that I’d picked up in Thailand had been found. I wondered if I just ignored it whether they would stop me getting on the flight, but decided I’d best not risk it so headed over to find out what it was – much to my dismay, it was my debit card! Yup, 3 days after receiving a new one because I’d lost mine in Thailand, I’d lost it again. I dropped it at burger king, though I didn’t even eat there in the end since it was so expensive!

I eventually boarded the flight, and honestly, I’ve never flown with such a terrible airline. Okay, granted, the tickets were cheap but not THAT cheap. There was no in-flight entertainment, and you had to pay for everything. I mean everything. You couldn’t even get water for free! I was just dying of thirst but had no cash on me other than a £10 note, and they didn’t give change. The worst part about flying with them is that you have NO idea when you’re going to land, so the flight feels like it lasts 10 years as you have no concept of time. There aren’t even screens at the front of the plane with the classic ‘this is where you are flying over’ map with predicted time of arrival/ distance to destination. Luckily I slept for the first 3 hour flight, but failed to on the second 6 hour flight.

Revjivak airport was tiny too and had little on offer. Wow airlines ran 2 hours late taking off since they were ‘triple checking they had everything’, however, on arrival to Toronto they then warned us over the loud speaker that a load of bags had gone missing/ were left behind. How did they spend two hours checking things then STILL end up leaving them behind? Awful!

Anyway, my eldest sister Charlotte met me at the airport and we drove to Dorchester, Ontairo – my old hometown! With chocolate chip waffles for dinner, and a quick hello to her husband (who I haven’t seen since their wedding four years a go!) I swiftly crashed into the HUGE king sized bed in their spare room.

For a 26-year-old and 28-year-old, they have such a beautiful house. You could never get anything in the UK for the price they got it. It’s 4 floors, 4 bedrooms (though they have 1 as a play room), 2 lounge areas, kitchen and 2 bathrooms, it also has a sizeable garden and came included with a hot tub. From the outside it looks rather out of place for Canada, they call it the Taco shack as it looks like it’s been taken from Mexico – but I really liked that about it, it had a nice porch bit to sit out in and a double garage attached to it. Gorgeous!

Anyway, jet-lag is catching up with me,
I’m dying; over-and-out.

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