Thursday, 21 July 2016

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Again, the train took what felt like forever to get in, but that’s to be expected with the NYC subway system! There wasn’t as much for me to do today but I still found it interesting since there were such a variety of different cases that they’re working on. In the morning I read through two bankruptcy rulings to see if I could find something Preet could use in her upcoming brief that she is filing Monday pertaining to s 523 (a)(6) - ‘willful and malicious’ clause.

For lunch they treated me to pizza and I met two of the people they used to work with downstairs before they moved offices. They were really lovely, but my god did it make me remember how evil lawyers can be haha – he works on the side of the ‘bad guys’ at Preet likes to put it, the landlords. It’s understandable why, tenants just don’t have the same money as landlords! How are you going to get rich defending them? Haha. Later that day actually Alex had a case he was working on where he was defending a tenant in an abatement case and calculated that she was probably actually owed around $5000 despite withholding rent for around 10 month. This is because she had put everything in writing, messaged him every day, and meticulously kept track of all the faults in his house – from cockroaches to leaks – as well as taking photos of the damage. This meant it was easy to prove if it goes to trial that all of this was happening and the landlord clearly just ignored it. Of course they’re trying to settle because it’s cheaper and easier – but also because court can be so unpredictable.

After lunch Alex also walked me through an immigration case for a Russian wanting to move to the US based on extraordinary talent. The way you have to prove it involves having letters of recommendations, newspaper articles about you, websites about you, who you performed with/ under etc. but most importantly, what are you amazing at that the USA doesn’t already have? You have to bring something unique to America.

I helped with the website a bit trying to make a few changes, but I honestly hate wordpress as it’s so hard to find where the faults are as I’d rather be able to see the whole source code so I could use to find the lines I’m looking for to fix the problem! Anyway, I did what they needed, and then just worked on some more law firm applications for Training Contracts – something I really needed to get a wriggle on with as they close shortly.

At 6:30pm we went to dinner with a friend of theirs, he is also an attorney, but mainly focuses on business/ corporate cases as well as real estate. We went to Buffalo Chicken Wings for a chilled atmosphere and just gorged out on great junk food, a few pints of cider, and good conversation. Preet & Alex were so lovely and paid for my meal, knowing I’m a poor student haha, so one day when I hopefully get rich I have promised to return the favor. I couldn’t have asked for two nicer people to shadow/ work with, bless them.

Afterwards I was supposed to be meeting my couchsurfing host for a few drinks as I felt really bad I hadn’t seen much of him, but unfortunately it was going to take me 1.25 hours to get to him, then from there at least another 40 minutes home, so I just went directly back to his and he met me shortly after and we just chatted for a while there.

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