Friday, 1 July 2016

Ehhhh Canadaaaaaa.

Yesterday, after Tasha’s mum dropped me back to my sisters I went for a walk with my dad around millpond, his favorite place in Dorchester, and it’s understandable why. It was funny seeing all the places I used to hang out - e.g. the bench where I used to watch the boys snowboard/ attempt tricks over. There were so many cute chipmunks, and just other wildlife like frogs. Dad managed to drop $10 into the pond, and after discussing whether to send me in to get it, managed to find a huge branch and rescue it haha, he was so proud of himself bless him.


You can see him with it on the end of the stick!
Happy faces!

After all of us went to play bowling, had a bite to eat and eventually came back to watch the fireworks. I ran to Tim Horton’s for food while mum used her bike alongside me, it was funny because I couldn’t run back with the drinks/ food we got for dad, so she put them in her hood. For some reason they were holding the main Canada day fireworks on the Thursday instead of the Friday (actual Canada Day). Madison had her first ever sparkler experience, which she loved. I ended up bumping into Beezer and Devin again, with some other old friends – Mitch Barden and Justyn Good for example, and instead headed back to their house for some beer pong, darts and casual drinks. I suck at beer pong for the record but whatever, I’m not planning on competing in a competition any time soon ;).

Today, despite the rain, we ventured out to watch the Duck Race begin. Basically they throw a tub of ducks off one bridge and you wait for them to float to the other bridge – whoever’s duck gets their first wins the prize money. It’s a pretty silly activity but is just fun to watch – this year we didn’t buy a duck though so that was a sad moment for us. It was so Canadian though, there were guys with ice hockey sticks in the water re-directing the ducks to make sure they didn’t get stuck in the bush haha.

After we went to where the ice rink is in the winter to attend the little fayre they had going on inside, but there wasn’t much in it. Eventually I went to the beer tent and just got pretty wasted with Mitch, Beezer, Alex and Justyn again before heading back to Beezer’s house to continue drinking/ build a bonfire. Mitch managed to set his trousers on fire, not once, but twice! I also somehow managed to burn a hole into the only jumper I’ve bought with me travelling dammit. Late at night when everything died down we started to watch the conjuring but ended up falling asleep instead oops. It was a great day though and ended up being super sunny and chill, it would have sucked if it had continued raining all day. 

Iron Man costume. 
Branden (Beezer) and I
Mitch and I too drunk at the bonfire.

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