Sunday, 10 July 2016

Screw you Barclays bank.

Sophie had work again today (bless her she literally works all the time), so I just chilled all morning watching Orange is the New Black finally. I say finally, that’s because I’m such a dunce. I tried watching it a few months a go, I got three episodes in and realized I’d actually clicked on Orphan Black not Orange is the New Black and I’d been watching the wrong TV show without realizing it! But my hosts encouraged me to actually watch OITNB and now I’m hooked – oops! 

I decided to go shopping to see if I could find some new shorts, but because my card still wasn’t working I knew I couldn’t really spend any money as I may have to make the small amount of money I have last until my debit card gets delivered. However, after ringing Barclays I found out the card that I bought that I thought had just stopped working had actually been blocked – I couldn’t believe it. Despite having been to 23 countries in the past 3 years, Barclays STILL blocks my cards thinking its fraud. ARE YOU FOR REAL? But thank god I had finally managed to get it unblocked so I could start to use money again! It was too late by this time though as all the shops were shutting since it was a Sunday. I did go to Ben & Jerry’s though, and I watched these 3 boys devour a HUGE bucket of ice cream; it was super intense. They couldn’t even finish it so ended up offering it to some homeless folks outside of the store haha.


I need a dog to come on my travels!

In the evening Josh had another friend called Megan over, so we all went out for pizza and watched the adults of Burlington going crazy over Pokemon go. No word of a lie, there were genuinely about 40 people crowded around this one spot where a pokegym was located! Sadly, I couldn’t play because my 3G doesn’t work in the Burlington area – my heart bleeds.

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