Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Comedy & Catch-up

I arrived in New York at 8pm last night and ended up staying with a guy called Jake that I met in Malaysia 2 years a go – these connections come in handy when you’re desperate for a last minute place! After I had spoken to him though, admittedly I was offered a lot of couches when I placed a message on the last-minute CS group for NYC, but since I was already there it made sense to stay with him. Don’t get me wrong, I get along with him well, but I didn’t want to impose myself on his flat so considered moving.

I met him at the Elvis Guesthouse dive bar in downtown, he was in a comedy show – there were 5 comedians who only spoke for about 5 minutes each but it was an entertaining night with a few laughs! Afterwards we headed back to his in East Brooklyn – he has a beautiful apartment, very clean and well decorated. We debated watching the Conjuring as it was the horror film we watched together in the hostel cinema in Malaysia, but decided to try a new horror so put on the Babaduke as that’s what Matt had once recommended to me. Jake and I, however, though it was a crap film haha.

I didn’t wake up again until midday, but decided to get ‘up-and-at-‘em’ and headed to Wall Street. It’s worth a quick peak, but not for monetary reasons/ all the hot men in suits, rather I found the ---- building. Little did I know this place, in the heart of Wall Street, actually was where the Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights was written, and ---- was signed in as president for example. While the building was nice, and the info pamphlet was informative, there wasn’t that much to see really but it was still cool to think that American history/ ‘democracy’ was made there.

Afterwards I headed to the 9/11 memorials, it was a super weird moment for me because I was here 15 years ago, there’s a photo of me in January 2001 from the Statue of Liberty with the Twin Towers in the background. We went back in 2002 and went to ground zero as well; this is the first time though I’ve seen the actual memorial that was put in its place opposed to rubble. They did a really good job at commemorating the attack - the infinite cascading water combined with the list of their names around the water creates a brilliant place for reflection and thought. It was the best-done memorial I’ve seen in the US so far. I didn’t bother going to the 9/11 museum though as it was $24 an adult, and my housemate told me that you didn’t really learn anything new.

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