Sunday, 3 July 2016

Couchsurfing Washington D.C.

Oh the bus journey was a nightmare. So, of course I had all the issues with the border crossing, but then outside of Baltimore a lady starts screaming her head off on the bus, like somebody was being murdered. I'm still not entirely sure what happened, but we had to wait for 30 minutes while three ambulances came! In the end a 12-year-old boy (estimate) was wheeled off on a stretcher, but he was conscious and looking around - maybe he had a fit or something. But anyway, it was all very dramatic. 

Getting into DC at midday I just walked around union station for a bit trying to work out where to go and what to do. My initial couchsurfing host cancelled on me because she got into trouble with her landlord when they found out she'd been planning a party for the fourth of July, but fortunately I was able to find another one very last minute. He was a 27-year-old male, and it was different than my usual choice because he actually didn't have any references - usually I'd steer clear as I prefer knowing other people have stayed with them, but honestly it didn't matter. I went and got a beer near his house at this bar called Smiths – it was really nice actually! I just awaited his return so he could let me in and show me around.

He ended up joining me for a drink and we discussed politics and just chilled out. We then went back to his for another beer while watching the football with his housemate. Eventually, after I’d showered, he made me some bourbon chicken wings and we ended up drinking more prepping for a night out, his housemate joined too and we ended up going to a nearby bar/ club – the rock and roll hotel. Honestly, the club sucked because it was so empty and there was terrible music haha, but the rooftop bar was nice. I don’t know how but we ended up talking to two guys, and spent the night with them, the one I was talking to was called Alex and was in the air force, he was really nice actually, least I thought so… After the club shut my host Matthew invited some others back to his house and we continued drinking for a bit until I fell asleep in the lounge.


So, first impressions of DC? Granted I haven’t seen much, but I can already tell how racially divided it is. Some streets are filled with Black Americans, while the next are all White Americans. DC has a real tension growing and has heavy segregated districts. Sometimes it’s a bit scary walking round as many of the areas are very rough, and there is also a ton of homeless lying in the streets – it’s really sad. Also, completely unrelated to that point, but I have never seen so many gay people in one city – Is DC the Brighton of the East Coast? Haha. Or maybe America are just more open then we are – which is odd given the amount of stick they get for how backwards they are.

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