Saturday, 23 July 2016

Exploring NYC

Yesterday morning I arrived at work at 10am, but since Preet and Alex weren’t yet about, I ended up watching an episode of suits. This week was so intense. My god I love that show! Anyway, even when they did come in, sadly there wasn’t anything for me to do so I ended up doing even more law firm applications before accompanying Alex to the court, followed by subway for food, before saying my thank-you’s and farewells for the great hospitality I received!

I then met up with Manzil and some her friends from work and we went to one of their rooftop apartments – it had completely gorgeous views of the city! It was hard to get a photo though as it was so dark, but it was beautiful trust me. We all pre-drank up there then decided to go to Jane’s hotel. It was a very odd nightclub – don’t get me wrong, I thought it was great, but it was just weird because it was literally a hotel lobby. The dance floor had sofas all over it. I managed to really injure my back as I was dancing on the sofa in heels and it was super unsteady and I was drunk and managed to fall off… I’m such a dick. Anyway, it was a fun night, but I hate that NYC has no drunk food places open around Brooklyn bridge! Heartbreak.

Today we went to the Metropolitan Art Museum - while Manzil and her friends got in for free as their company sponsors some of the art, and got a guest ticket for me, many of the museums in NYC have a 'recommended donation'. While it has in big letters saying $19 for example, underneath it's clear this isn't the case, you can just donate what you can afford. 

It was more like the British History Museum than the art museum that I had expected it to be. It was impressive, yes, but honestly, even as a History student I find looking at how people made bowls or what chairs they sat on incredibly boring. I ended up leaving slightly earlier than the others and going to check out Central Park right next door. 


I loved Central Park so much. It was way better than the parks we have in London because there was far more going on there - cycling, boating, baseball, basketball, football, soccer etc. I saw people playing everything! CP also has so many nice trails hidden off the main path which were beautiful to just sit in and watch the world go by. Around the boating lake there were lots of performances going on, from breakdancing to blowing bubbles to quite frankly questionable 'dancing'. At one point the man sat next to me also had a huge snake around his neck! Very odd... But it was full of life, laughter and entertainment - everything you want from people-watching. At one point I sat on a ledge next to the lake (which was a disgusting colour by the way) and loads of turtles just kept swimming up to me, and they were super interested in the dog next to me; it was adorable!


Eventually I met up with the others again and watched them play football for a bit, before deciding to walk to 5th Avenue. All of the major designers are there, every name you can think of under the sun - Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Tiffany's etc. We tried finding a place to eat dinner as it was getting super late, but there were few food choices around and the ones that were there were super expensive! So we ubered back to Brooklyn and got something to eat near their hotel. I just got a chicken caesar salad - a step forward for me!

After a few drinks at Patrick's, we decided to head to the meatpacking district in NYC where all the good clubs/ bars are located. The problem, however, was that we had 10 guys and 4 girls, a disastrous ratio for any NY nightclub. As if that wasn't problematic enough, when I looked up reviews for the bar Le Bain, that some people had opted for, I was met with several reviews telling me that people who were not white frequently had problems getting in, being told they needed 'an invitation' to gain entry, something nobody else needed! So, given the ethnic make-up of the group, we decided it was pointless queuing for an hour when they might just reject us anyway! Fuck New York clubs man. We ended up going to this club that charged $40 for the guys, and was free for girls (classic sexism), but had 'unlimited drinks' for our whole party. Turns out that meant 1 guy hugging a bottle in charge of pouring a tiny amount of vodka into a tiny cup that they had filled with huge amounts of ice. So none of us ended up very drunk, but we still ended up having a laugh before deciding to call a night.

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