Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Farewell good friends!

Awww, I genuinely feel like I’m leaving behind great friends I’ve known for ages. Yesterday I honestly didn't get up to much, I can't even remember what I really did other than watch OITNB. Today, we just chilled out in the morning then decided to go to The Shopping Bag again for one of their amazing burgers. Walking there was such a mission; it was over 30 degrees and just so sticky/ hot outside! Walking back though was so much worse because we ended up missing the road to turn down, and overall it ended up being an hour round trip to walk to get a burger – I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love burgers, but exercising that much to get a burger? Pffft! I’m not about that life. It’s okay though, at least I had company. After we had eaten we went and did a little shopping/ browsing shops on church street and eventually headed back to escape the heat once again before they drove me to the megabus stop so I could catch my $22 bus to Boston.

Gorgeous people, wonderful friends.
Couchsurfing in Burlington has just been a whirlwind of adventure really and I couldn’t have asked for better hosts to show me around! The group of friends I stayed with were so welcoming and accepted me as one of their own, with no judgment, good laughs and kind-hearted fun. I actually felt emotional having to say good-bye! Though I hope it’s not good-bye, I hope it’s a see-you later. Josh is doing a semester in Berlin next year, so I told them they’d have to come visit me wherever I end up in the UK!

In the car on the way back they played I miss you by Blink 182 and Green day, Good Riddance. It was emotional! haha. It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right, I hope you had the time of your life.

Now I’m on my way to Boston, Massachusetts. Bring it on world, bring it on. Please grace me with beautiful people like those I just spent my time with. In a perfect world, when I get to Portland, Maine I can find someone to take me to Acadia National Park… But I feel that’s a bit ambitious as I was just super lucky this time. 


Well, I was super scared about my couchsurfing host as he only had two reviews, and 1 of these reviewers had no other references. 

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