Thursday, 7 July 2016

Hippy town haven.

I made the megabus this morning in perfect time, in fact, 30 minutes early (thank god). It then ended up being 30 minutes late itself… Besides the point, I made it! Along the way we stopped at a small shopping mall and I grabbed a subway – I was so nervous she was going to drive off without me, frankly the driver was a huge asshole but whatever. I realized on board that I’d booked the wrong ticket to Boston, my next destination. The one I had booked actually left today, so, now I have to find another way to get to Boston! Great. More money. Anyway, we drove through some cities in CT and MA, before finally, at 5:30pm arriving in Burlington, Vermont. The scenery in Vermont was just absolutely gorgeous; I knew I’d love the place.

I had turned back to the couchsurfing website, and was due to spend the next 2 days with a 20-year-old student called Sophie. Again, as with my previous host, she had never hosted before and so had no references, but from her profile picture and profile information I decided I’d love to meet her anyway. My god I’m thankful I did. I met all of her housemates and they were all lovely, and Sophie herself was so friendly and keen too.

We ended up going out to the waterfront for pancakes. Burlington, just like Washington DC, is very expensive though which is a shame. But my god, I have fallen in love with the town in a matter of minutes. It’s so cute, hippy, peaceful and gorgeous. Lake Champlain is beautiful, and the town is pretty tiny, but that’s what makes it great, it has a hugely local feel. So much is locally made – they have a city market filled with goods that have been grown nearby (hence why the prices are so high though), and all the bars along Church Street have local live bands playing.


There’s a huge Bernie Sanders presence too – It’s actually his hometown (as well at the hometown of Ben & Jerries, and Burton snowboards!). Sophie was telling me about how a nearby tattoo parlor were giving away free Bernie tattoos – it was just an outline of his hair/ glasses so wasn’t anything too serious, but still requires commitment to politics for that!

Anyway, Sophie and I just chatted away for a few hours, and eventually headed back to hers where her and her housemates smoked on the porch. Eventually I passed out on the sofa, overwhelmed from my travels/ the stress of the past few days, glad one again to have a shower and a place to call home for a few days.


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