Monday, 4 July 2016

Faux Fireworks – Independence Day

While my host was great, I decided to move to Duo Hostel downtown as I wanted to drink for the fourth of July but my host had work on the Tuesday so I felt bad about staying round. I used uber pool to get there, it was a bit weird as there’s another random person in the car with you. 

I ended up just dropping off my bags and heading down to the Independence Day parade. It was classic America – cheerleaders, turkeys, odd floats etc. While it was amusing, it was super busy and I kind of got bored as it went on FOREVER. I walked back to the hostel via bolt burger. It gets a 1 out of 5 on the Scarlett burger scale by the way. Way too much bread, not enough meat, and it was really dry – avoid.

After I decided to head downtown to find the White House, and check out what the Capitol concert was like. I managed to accidentally stroll across the back of the White House, and the Washington monument (big needle thing). The White House is smaller than you expect, while the Washington monument is far bigger than you’d think. I ended up just walking around for a few hours, and walked all the way up to the Lincoln memorial – It took my breath away in a weird way. I can’t really explain it but I just loved it. It was a shame the place was so busy though. 

After I visited the Vietnam War Memorial, and got really upset that the museum dedicated to the War hasn’t been built yet! It was really sweet how the statute of the three soliders’ helping one another had them overlooking all of the names on the wall, as if they’re looking at their fallen brothers. 


The Korean War memorial, however, was more impressive and you could tell a lot of thought had gone into it. It read along the side “freedom isn’t free”.

This entire time, however, it was CHUCKING it down with rain. The weather was truly miserable. It was wet, cold, and just a total wash out. I wasn’t with anybody either which sucked. The steps to the Lincoln memorial were completely full, as everybody had gone there to watch the fireworks. I sat down for a bit before realizing they didn’t start for another 3 hours so I decided to walk to the capitol building to check out the concert out. But, again, it was just soaking and the grass was so soggy. By this point I couldn’t be bothered to wait the 2 hours for the fireworks so just decided to call it an evening and hope people were at the hostel watching it.

Nope. On my way back I ran into everyone from the hostel, but by this point I was truly soaked and had been walking for about 3 hours so declined their offer to join them for the fireworks downtown. I ended up watching them on my laptop lying in my hostel bed. I was so angry with myself for not staying and watching them since they looked amazing! Honestly I was so frustrated at my own laziness/ fact I’d missed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

However, later, when the other hostel guests came back they told me that the fireworks were pretty pants as it was so cloudy/ foggy you actually couldn’t see them at all. They said the location they were stood in too meant even if there hadn’t been fog, you still couldn’t have really seen it! I later found out PBS had actually used past footage!!! They too couldn’t get good enough videos of the fireworks, so they used ones they’d taken in the past. They were only caught out when eagle-eyed viewers noticed their was no scaffadoling on the capitol building in the footage they were using but there was in real life! So turns out essentially I didn’t miss out on anything haha.

I went for drinks with friends from the hostel, but the bars were surprisingly dead. It turns out the Sunday night is the busiest, because even though it’s Monday the 4th of July, people have work the next day.  Drinks in DC are EXPENSIVE. I paid £6 for a pint of strongbow… STRONGBOW! This is criminal.

Also, another thing I have to comment on is how flipping creepy American guys are! So that guy from last night, Alex, got in contact with me asking what I was up to – I was like errr, mate, you have a wife. Your profile picture is you and your wife on your wedding day. He replied “Yeah, and I live with her too, but doesn’t mean we’re exclusive”. I was just having none of it and he kept replying, kept asking to meet up, he then said, wait for it…. “I guess I’ll move on, day by day, masturbating to your facebook photos”.  When I was like “wtf?” naturally, he wrote “I was hoping you’d be a couple of drinks in by now, I’m American, of course I’m creepy!”

When will guys learn that’s just not okay? Creep. 

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