Sunday, 31 July 2016


When I arrived at my host’s house in Philadelphia, we didn’t get up to an awful lot. Him and some friends just smoked a lot of weed while I watched, and then we went and got some alcohol. We ended up just drinking all night and playing some table tennis. We tried going to a nearby bar but stupidly Pennsylvania doesn’t accept international driving licenses. They refused my British license, telling me I had to have my passport! I found this outrageous given that even in D.C. I didn’t need my passport, nor NYC. Given that I’ve already lost my passport once this holiday, I didn’t feel like risking it again. Instead, we went to a liquor store and got more alcohol there for the night. I can't remember why but I ended up heading back to his friends house for the night instead so stayed their instead of the couch.

Yesterday I decided to get out and about to explore the city.  My back was in agony though I didn’t know whether I’d actually make it! I was so hung-over too it was a very painful process. Thankfully, it was made a million times better by the great company I had - I ended up meeting with a guy named Kevin that I befriended over the first republican debates in Santiago Chile last summer. He was in Philly for the Democratic Convention as he works on the campaign trail for Sanders, but now for Clinton with Sanders out of the race.

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