Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Geeking out!

Today I just spent the day in the National Archives. The building downtown was totally gorgeous; inside they house the declaration of independence and bill of rights, but the queue to get inside the visitor side was just huge! That’s the problem with many of the museums in DC. Though they are free to enter, it means there are big queues. For some of them you can book a time slot in advance, but others you simply have to wait – they very quickly run out of pre-booked tickets.

"Study the past"

"The heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the harvest of the future"
Looking like a deer in headlights.

Anyway, after checking in and registering as a researcher, I was informed that the research I needed was actually in the state of Maryland, on their university campus. BUT, there was a free shuttle bus there that took 40 minutes. Despite wanting to visit DC more, I knew I had to do at least some research, so I hopped aboard the bus and went to check out the documents available. It took a long time to find any that were suitable. The first lot I tried to pull were classified and another lot couldn’t be pulled for another hour – I was very quickly wasting the precious time I had there! But anyway, I managed to eventually get some useful files and take some photos – I needed more but didn’t have time as the place closed at 5pm.


When I got back to the hostel I had a heart-shattering realization – I had lost my passport. It was NOWHERE to be found. I emptied my bag 5 times, and after making some cheese toasties (to save money), I went and searched the room I was in last night another 3 times. Eventually I just lay in bed in a pit of hopelessness.

However, one of the guys from the hostel that I was out with last night was totally set on raising my spirits/ hopes, telling me it was probably just at the bar we were in last night as I’d taken it out with me. So, I agreed to walk to dinner with him and to check out the bar. Unfortunately I don’t actually remember his name, and then four hours in it was too awkward to ask haha. But we ended up having a great night together. Though the bar we visited wasn’t open, we went across the street for food and 1 pint – 1 pint turned into 4, and a few fireball shots, and a few more pints! Oops! We then realized we were in a gay bar (which totally made sense given the amount of gay people around us haha), but not just any gay bar, it was voted D.C.’s best gay bar. There was karaoke on and the guy I was with really wanted to do it, however by the time he was drunk enough/ worked up the courage to sign up, they’d shut the list!

We ended up just wandering home in our drunken stupor and chatting to this Russian guy – most impressive traveller I’ve met. He has already run across a lot of Russia to Belarus, and now he is running from New York City to Los Angeles via Texas. He runs with a stroller with all of his belongings in as he is fundraising for missing Russian children. But, this causes him to be constantly pulled over by police as people call them up thinking he is running with a child along dangerous highways – he explains it all to them and they just send him on his way again. He ran 60 miles yesterday to get to D.C. for the 4th of July. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? 60 MILES IN ONE DAY. He is genuinely mad I’m convinced. Good on him though. Click here if you’reinterested in donating.

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