Friday, 8 July 2016

I am a walking disaster.

Since Sophie had work today, and her housemate Josh had friends coming down from New Jersey, he offered to bring me along on their adventure. We all went for breakfast together where I got a simple chocolate chip scone (though it was still delicious). It was the cheapest option and frankly I don’t know when I’ll get more money through – if I have to wait for a new debit card it could be over a week! Over a week to survive off $200 just won’t cut it.

After we ended up driving down to the beach and walking through the forest for a bit to get to Lone Rock on Lake Champlain. Actually getting there was hilarious, there was this tiny rock-climbing bit – granted, it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, and required a bit of balls to jump down from it unless you had super long legs (which even I couldn’t reach), but Josh’s friends found it very difficult. I did feel bad for them though as they were wearing sandals whereas I had trainers on. It took Nina 20 minutes to get down and was just hysterical to watch.


Once at lone rock, the water was totally freezing, especially given it was only about 25 degrees out – but once you swam round a bit you warmed up. I went over to the rock and jumper off a few times which was fun – though it doesn’t look very high, jumping off anything gets the adrenaline pumping, as there’s always a risk that you might land on a rock, or the water is too shallow etc. Obviously I made sure that Josh had seen people do it before, and ensured I stepped out really wide when I jumped off, but it was still a little scary! Not to mention I got a load of water up my nose, and in my mouth – and recently one of the beaches was closed because of e coli warnings. None of the others wanted to jump, but at the last minute one of them did too, but we had to wait for the coast guard to disappear before she could.

I ended up, as usual, injuring myself a few times, just scraping my knees on rocks, slipping on one and scratching my bum etc. Josh pointed out a trail of blood on the rocks, and then I realized it was coming from my foot haha. Oops!

After, it took Shani about 10 minutes to get back up the same rock that it took Nina 20 minutes to get down haha. Too amusing. After strolling on the beach for a bit we headed downtown to get some lunch, but I decided to save my money and later made cheese toast sandwiches instead (yum right?).

In the evening we went to a house party to play some drinking games and chill out all together. I did my first ever shot-ski! (Literally just as it sounds… they line up shots in a ski, and then 6 people stand behind each shot and when they flip up the ski you all have to do the shot at the same time). We also played rage cage, and classic beer pong.

Since my hosts were leaving, another guy offered to take me into town to show me the nightlife as my hosts weren’t 21 so couldn’t come with us. But they just went and chilled on the porch and smoked instead.

Honestly, the nightlife downtown was thriving, it was totally packed in every single bar; every place had queues. BUT, as usual, there were super creepy guys around. This one guy just kept telling me he went to Yale, and when we were dancing he was trying to grind on me front-wards… like pushing his bum into my crotch – I don’t think he gets how dancing works… But then I tried leaving and he grabbed onto me, so I got really angry and pushed him away before I decided to call it a night as I was pretty sober and just pissed off at the attitude of so many American guys.

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