Saturday, 9 July 2016

Warren Waterfalls

Today Sophie was supposed to work till 6pm, and I was going to go to Warren falls with Josh’s friends. However, because it was thundering and lightening they didn’t want to go, but precisely because of that Sophie got off work super early as nobody was visiting the food cart she works on. I debated going with Holly to Montpellier but when Sophie got back she offered to take me to Warren falls herself!

So we set off on an hour journey into the Green Mountains to reach Warren Falls. While the weather was terrible all the way there, and the driving conditions were horrific, when we actually got the falls it wasn’t raining at all at the start. Sadly it was way too cold to actually go in the water, but at least that meant the falls were empty – apparently usually they’re totally crowded/ hard to maneuver. Though the falls did not rival the ones of Luang Prabang for example, they were still a nice change and it was gorgeous drive across the state regardless. After spending about 30 minutes there, we stopped for lunch on the way back and headed back to Burlington. On the way we also stopped at this cute little Arts market. They had some really great/ unique drums playing; I’d never heard anything like it before.


After chilling for a bit, Josh, Sophie and I decided to take a walk to the ‘Shopping bag’, voted best burger in Vermont. It’s in this really shady/ odd convenience store, and it isn’t even a sit down place, you just order your burger from the convenience store counter and wait for your order to be called. The burger though, my god, 4.5 out of 5! I mean, I still didn’t think it QUITE rivaled Five Guys, but it was definitely on the same level. Best of all, it was only $4!

Due to the rain, we decided to stay in and have a few quiet drinks while watching a horror movie. The film was totally terrible and we ended up drinking more and more vodka… Oops. Then a load of Josh’s friends ended up coming over and we started playing drinking games and it all got out of control when shots got involved! That’s one thing I really hate about American youth drinking culture… Unlike the UK where we mix the drinks and drink them slowly, Americans are obsessed with shots – I think it’s because they don’t have good enough squash honestly! But they constantly take shots, and it makes me want to vomit so badly I can’t do it haha. Props to them though!

I eventually just crashed out in a drunken stupor after one too many rounds of Never Have I Ever or ‘Bitch you haven’t?’ while playing Ring of Fire/ Kings Cup! Oh that reminds me, also instead of having a dirty pint they put a beer in the middle and every time you pull a card you have to place it under the tab, and the first one to pop the beer has to down it! 

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