Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Las Vegas stole my sanity.

Did you even go to Vegas if you didn't QUEUE for a photo in front of this?
Las Vegas just killed me. It genuinely destroyed me. Imagine a fairytale consisting purely of adult debauchery; the most wild and crazy place you could ever imagine, the best party you’ve been to times ten, and maybe you’d be able to picture Vegas. It’s like walking into some weird fantasy; an expensive fantasy though.

When you’re dancing to one of the world’s most renowned DJs and it’s literally raining money, you know you’re in Vegas. People were just throwing dollar bills into the air – I always thought ‘making it rain’ was just an expression, but in Las Vegas it’s a very real reality, and I mean, why the hell not? One guy I was with picked up the bills and got $80!

I arrived late Saturday evening, and there was no one in the hostel left to go out with, so I decided to have a few beers with those underage, and call it a night to prep myself for Sunday.

I began drinking by myself Sunday at 9:30am, because yano, it’s Vegas, I wanted the full experience! There was a pool party called Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel and I read that it sold out around midday so I had to get there quickly. One other girl from New Zealand decided to join me, but she then was denied entry when they wouldn’t accept her driving license so she had to go back to the hostel. Initially I was going to have to pay $35 entrance, but thankfully I befriended some girls in the queue who had free-entry tickets. I then spent the whole time with these 3 girls and 2 guys; they were an absolute blast and paid for all my drinks too!  This is where, understandably, it starts to get foggy…. There was just water being splashed everywhere, amazing music and crazy vibes.


Next thing I remember, I was with the bouncers and they were trying to ask me questions that made me sound even more drunk than I really was… They couldn’t understand that I had genuinely come to the party alone, and that I didn’t know anyone at the party, and that I was staying in a hostel, and was travelling solo too. They just seemed to think I’d forgotten the real answers to these, they just kept repeating “but no, who did you come to Vegas with?” to which I kept replying “nobody, I came alone” hahaha. Anyway, one thing lead to another and they put me in a taxi back, but the taxi driver was a huge creep and kept telling me things like “I love vaginas” and was really creeping me out. I was only wearing a bikini, and I’d lost my bag/ clothes/ flip flops. My bag only had things I didn’t mind too much losing… – like hairbrush, mascara, portable charger etc.

I went back to the hostel, crashed out and eventually woke up at 11:30pm, confused as to how I’d slept for so long and where the day had gone – so I jumped out of bed and joined my roommates to the Bank nightclub at the Bellaigo casino on the strip. It was supposed to be $30 entry but we managed to find a promoter to get in for free, but you can tell why – the drinks inside were the craziest thing I’ve ever seen! It was $15 for a vodka coke, $14 for a small corona etc. and then the tip on top of that of course! Worst of all, it was $8 for a bottle of water!! Also, it was a heavy hip hop night and we looked like the most basic white girls ever, we were so out of place and people were staring at us so we decided to leave and just roam round Vegas. The casinos keep you wide awake, rumour has it they pump oxygen into them to ensure this happens. Also, all the casinos are basically linked together with tunnels of shops – Chanel, Gucci, Victoria Secrets etc. You can spend literally hours in them with no idea of what time it is or even where the hell you are! Anyway, after a bit of gambling, around 3:30am we decided to call it a night and save our money for a huge one tomorrow.

Monday I visited the strip with some people from the hostel, and we just walked the whole length of it going into several of the different hotels/ casinos, I personally found the Luxor/ Egypt the most impressive, though Venice came a close second! If you ever find out you have only 24 hours to live, go to Vegas because you get to see all the good parts of the world in one go haha. You can even ride a rollercoaster around ‘New York’. The clouds painted onto the ceiling in Venice were so trippy it genuinely made me feel kind of dizzy! We watched the Bellagio fountains too, that go on every 15 minutes, they were incredible - but I couldn't help feel they were wasteful in the desert! 


Anyway, after drinking some, we decided to go to see Diplo at XS at Encore. Again, we managed to find a promoter to get free entry, but my god it was a hassle, and then it turns out you couldn’t even get into the good section where the DJ was! So we had to pay an extra $10 to get into there, but my god it was worth it. I ended up befriending some guys in the VIP section and just drinking with them and going crazy – that’s where all the dollar bills were just flying in the air. It felt like being in a whole new world – a clubbing experience like no other! I mean, you wouldn’t want to do it too frequently as you’d go bankrupt pretty fast if you’re not a female – even then, you have to be a very confident female and happy to befriend everyone and anyone to get free stuff! Good thing I’m a pro-traveller! But it was just an amazing night – I got a taxi home around 5am and crashed out for a few hours before waking up adamant on leaving Vegas as I’d been thoroughly worn out.

I had two options, I could get a free lift to San Diego with a guy I met, or pay $50 to get a bus to San Francisco via LA, which would take about 22 hours! But, already having missed the Grand Canyon due to the expense it would have cost, I didn’t want to risk missing Death Valley/ Yosemite, and I knew I would if I’d gone to San Diego, or even to San Francisco. So I saw a load of French guys pull up in their large van and asked where they were off to next, they told me to Death Valley and Yosemite! PERFECT! So I asked if I could a grab a lift, but they told me they weren’t leaving till tomorrow, so I just booked another night at the hostel for $22 and chilled with them all day/ night and we left at 10am this morning.

All I can say is if you love partying, you have to get your ass to Vegas. It’s just incredible beyond words and a whole new world; dive in, go crazy, and live those nights you’ll never remember! Haha. 

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